Topic: What 5 games must Nintendo launch the NX with?

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Aozz101x wrote:

i doubt these would happen right away

  • Splatoon 2/Splatwo
  • Mario Kart 9
  • Super Smash bros 5 (6?)
  • a new IP from Nintendo
  • Super Mario if it ends up on NX

I think launching with several heavy hitters at once is actually a bit foolish

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  • NintendoX Sports
  • Mario NeXt
  • Neo Xenoblade
  • Super NX DX - nonsense edition
  • Nintendo Cross Platform Madness XX and XY

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1. A new 3D Super Mario game.
2. A new F-Zero to show off online capabilities with 30 racers in a match, car and track creation, etc.
3. A new Super Smash Bros game Gamecube style.
4. A brand new IP to show off the system's capabilities.
5. A major 3rd party game to show that the system has support.



I would honestly say to stay on the demand of series' like Metroid, Star Fox, I'd definitely want a new Kid Icarus, brand new adventure/possibilitis! I remember despite being mostly mini games, Link's Crossbow Trianing was pretty fun, and if it could support the controls or maybe rsimilarly revamped controls, I'd even go for something like that in this series as well.

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1. New streetpass games
2. Interesting main/spinoff game #1
3. Interesting main/spinoff game #2
4. Interesting main/spinoff game #3
5. Interesting main/spinoff game #4

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They should have a Virtual Console at launch with at least five games. Preferably lots of surprises like translated Mother 3, N64DD version of F-Zero X, etc. Maybe convince Sega to jump back into the VC. Maybe I'm in the minority, but a solid VC lineup is crucial to whether or not I am an early adopter of the NX.



1. The Legend of Zelda
2. Metroid Prime 4
3. Wave Race
4. F-Zero
5. A big third party release, either an exclusive entry in a well-known franchise or what is easily the best version of a multiplat

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1. 3D Mario
2. Animal Crossing (it seems impossible we will get a main series Animal Crossing game on the Wii U at this point)
3. Third party exclusives
4. Metroid Prime 4 (Cleanse the wounds that Other M and the announcement of Federation Force inflicted)
5. A New IP

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1. Mario NX
2. Star Wars Battlefront Special Edition
3. GTA 6
4. FIFA 17 (UK) or MADDEN 17 (US)
5. F-Zero NX

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1. Backwards Compatibility with all Wii, Wii U and Virtual Console
2. GameCube for Virtual Console
3. Big third party game #1
4. Big third party game #2
5. Big third party game #3


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1. Zelda U
2. Any 3D Mario game
3. Pokken tournament
And the rest third party games can't have a launch without them.

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There Should Be:
1. Splatoon (Possibly a port of the Wii U version or a brand new game.)
2. Banjo-Kazooie (If Microsoft got rid of Rare.)
3. Animal Crossing (Let's hope it won't skip the Wii U before the NX comes out.)
4. NX Fit (Rename the Wii series to the NX series so it can continue.)
5. Super Smash Bros. (Every Nintendo console after the N64 deserves a Smash game.)



One casual game for everyone like Nintendo Land.
One new IP game for the hardcore like Bayonetta.
Three Nintendo games that Nintendo fans have been asking for like Metroid, F-Zero and Galaxy 3.

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While I would LOVE the NX to launch with Metroid, F-Zero and Smash Bros. I don't think it would happen. Nintendo would want to get the big hitters out there, and also, Sakurai would need lots of time to make Smash 5 (if it even will exist) so I reckon it would release half-way through the NX's life cycle.
1. Mario NX (2D or 3D, but preferably 3D)
2. Animal Crossing NX (ACNL was extremely popular!)
3. Zelda NX (Maybe the planned Wii U version, or a remaster??)
4. Pokemon Spin-off (Pokemon Snap 2? Stadium 3?)
5. Third-Party games (e.g. FIFA/Madden, Call Of Duty, Assassin's Creed, GTA. Stuff that will attract other sorts of gamers)

But, I really hope that they also make these games for the NX too
Splatoon 2
Mario Kart 9 (or what ever number )
Wave Race
A new ip



1. New Super Mario Bros NX
2. Mario Party 11
3. Animal Crossing NX
4. NX Sports
5. NintendoWorld (sequel to NintendoLand)

Yeah, that seems like a good list lol

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Ok I'll try to be as realistic as possible. I actually think it's a bad idea to offer a new IP at launch for a number of reasons - first and foremost that people want to know what they are getting when they are forking out money for a new system. Furthermore, I think it's wrong to release a new Zelda at launch because the console would be young and unexplored, and Zelda needs the developers to know the machine inside-out to create the best experience possible - I like Twilight Princess as much as the next guy but if the developers knew how to handle Wii's power better, we would have had a far better game.
So my list would be:

1.Splatoon 2, or a standalone expansion - Splatoon has proven to be a success among WiiU users, and even people who don't own a WiiU are looking at this game as something very desiderable. By making a meaty standalone expansion for the next system Nintendo would release something both WiiU owners and non-owners would be interested in. It'll also make for a declaration of commitment to a strong online service. Also, releasing a competitive online game at launch means people won't lose interest in the game as long as there are online players, so it's a win-win situation. It doesn't need to re-invent the Splatoon formula, which is already lovely - it just needs to make it bigger, so more people would get sucked in.

2.WarioWare D.I.Y. - WarioWare is pretty much the PERFECT game and everybody, from the hardcorest to the most casual of gamers can enjoy it. They need to release a new WarioWare that is as easy to use as the GBA version (meaning - stick to the buttons) and at least as big. Included, they should put a D.I.Y. maker like in the DS WarioWare D.I.Y. This is perfect because even 6 months or one year after its release, there will be people still contributing content, so Nintendo doesn't need to worry about keeping the game alive - the audience will.

3.F-Zero: luckily racing games are still a big deal in the industry, and believe it or not many people have never played an F-Zero game because of obvious age reasons. I can't think of a better launch title than a supersonic futuristic racer to make the non-Nintendo audience go wow!!

4. Super Mario Maker Greatest Hits - this is an awful idea but worth including because of the implicit legal issue: who owns the right to the user created material on Mario Maker?! Can Nintendo commercially release a compilation of user generated levels?! Anyway, instead of making a new trite and boring NSMB, Nintendo should make a Greatest Hits of all the best user generated levels in Super Mario Maker (development cost: 0 Yen). And if it's not possible for legal reasons, Nintendo should just make their own crazy levels and release them as a standalone game. You have to have a classic platformer in your launch line up, and this can be more interesting than every new idea they could come up with.

5.Steel Diver: Sub Wars HD - yes, another online deathmatch game, but this time a free-to-start, buy-to-upgrade model. Nintendo needs to put more emphasis on business models like free-to-start and microtransactions.

(bonus game)
6.New Mario Smash Football (Mario Striker Charged) - because you ain't going nowhere in EU if you don't have your footy game. It's Mario, it's arcade-y, it's online and it's football so you can't go wrong with it. But this should be DEVELOPED IN EUROPE BY PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND FOOTBALL. I can't stand the sight of a football game developed in Canada. It's like a ski game developed in Egypt.

as for developers it's pretty easy. Nintendo takes care of Splatoon 2, F-Zero and Mario Maker Greatest Hits. Intelligent Systems takes care of WarioWare, as usual. Vitei does Steel Diver Microtransaction Wars. Rare does Mario Smash Football.

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For me, It should include:
1) a traditional Mario game, Hopefully 3D for fans
2) a "mature" game, to atttact audiences from segments different to the usual Nintendo crowd. I'd give my vote to a Platinum game.
3) a sports/party game, like Mario Party
4) An action adventure game. Not Zelda, maybe Metroid or another Ip?
5) An Rpg, to appeal to that crowd. Either something from Monolithsoft or Fire emblem from IS.
And Hopefully, something else From third parties.

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Assuming that NX is a platform and they release the NX handheld and console together:
1.) new 3D mario (Console and handheld)
2.)zelda U(console)
3.)Pokemon 7th gen(handheld) (this can be release window)
4.) Animal crossing (console and handheld)
5.)New IP(console and handheld)

I want smash and splatoon sequels to be pushed a little further into the NX life, maybe it's 3rd year.



What Nintendo needs to do is do a game a month until E3. Releasing a steady stream of games will help the system do better than 20 games coming out at once.



Pack in Super Mario 64 HD 20th Anniversary. Original 120 stars, 60 new stars for 2 player co-op like Mario 128. Full 1080p at 60fps using an improved SM3DW engine.

Then an Animal Crossing, Pikmin 4 and F-Zero. Mario 64 HD pulls in casuals a bit along with AC while Pikmin / fzero get hardcore fans to buy day one.

This is assuming the NX is a console and most of these titles can later work on a handheld running the same OS, albeit on at a lower res


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