Topic: What 5 games must Nintendo launch the NX with?

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DefHalan wrote:

Bolt_Strike wrote:

With Zelda delayed I wouldn't be surprised if they decided to remaster Zelda U for NX now.

I don't know how I would feel about getting a remake of a zelda game a year or two after its release. I think they should remake Twilight Princess or possibly some of the portable Zeldas packaged together

If they put DKCR on the 3DS 3 years after the original, they can do the same with Zelda U.


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1. Mario Party 11
2. Animal Crossing NX
3. Kirby NX
4. New IP that will showcase what the NX can do
5. Advance Wars HD

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It will definitely need more than 5 games, but heres my list

1. New Wii Sports (includes many new sports like football and soccer)
2. Nintendoland Sequel - with a minigame from a slew of franchises owned by nintendo
3. New IP
4. Splatoon or Starfox Sequel (both seem like a nice start to a great console library)
5. Even though this is more than one, a lot of 3rd party games (needs to be way better than wii u 3rd party library)



crimsoncavalier wrote:

Most people are naming games assuming it's going to be a home console. It most likely won't be (I think skywake's logic is sound), so none of those games are likely to be on the NX.


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Assuming that the NX is hardware, I'm in the camp that believes it will (at least initially) behave more as a 3DS successor. My top five for the launch window:

1. New IP or Revival/Return (Advance Wars?)
2. Animal Crossing
3. Pokemon Gen 7 or the Gen 7 sequel
4. Some type of Mario platformer
5. 3rd party exclusive (Probably something from Capcom or SEGA)

The rest:

  • CoD port
  • Some Sports game port
  • Some Fighting game port (or maybe there'll be a new Senran Kagura by then?)
  • An Atlus JRPG
  • Nintendogs/cats/pets/kennel/whatever
  • Brain Age

I think Animal Crossing is a must for a so called bridge between the home console and handheld, so much potential. Also, gotta have that IP that shows off the console's capabilities and Mario. Always Mario. But honestly, if they launched with Pokemon they could probably get away with butchering the rest of the launch line up.

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DefHalan wrote:

1. A game that uses the unique hardware in a new way.
2. A game that uses the unique hardware in an old way.
3. A game that shows off Nintendo's Online Functionality.
4. AAA Title exclusive to the system.
5. A Big 3rd party Title.

I just felt like posting this again. I think it is very reasonable and will satisfy the majority.

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1. Super Mario 64 sequel.
2. Super Mario World sequel (not rubbish "New SMB" games)
3. Wave Race
4. Metroid (3D)
5. F-Zero

I'll grant them more time to bring Zelda, Starfox, etc.

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1. A decent port/remake of a popular Wii/WiiU/GC title
2. A new version of a popular IP, one of the big ones
3. A revival of a less popular IP we haven't seen in a while
4. Something to pad the launch that we all get but forget about a year down the road
5. A port of a two year old third party title that's rushed so it can make day 1

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I dont think zelda u will go to the NX as it means the game wasnt made from the ground up for that console. Twilight princess wasn't well received on wii as it was a lazy gamecube port with tacked on motion controls.

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DjLewe78 wrote:

I dont think zelda u will go to the NX as it means the game wasnt made from the ground up for that console. Twilight princess wasn't well received on wii as it was a lazy gamecube port with tacked on motion controls.

And a new Nintendo console will probably use a similar architecture to the PS4 and Xbone(to make third party ports easier), so a NX port would require more effort from the PowerPC Wii U origins(and we don't want a The Last Guardian/FF Versus XIII(XV) experience). A Nintendo console without it's own TLOZ isn't right either.


I'd like to see what SSB5 and MK9 are like.


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LAUNCH games
1.Mario Kart 9
2.Pokemon Next gen
3.Fifa 16/7
5.New Zelda or remake of Skyward Sword (TP can be remade on Wii U)

FIRST Year games
6.Pikmin 4
7.Splatoon 2
8.GTA Chinatown 2
9.New Super Mario Bros 3
10.Monster Hunter 5/6
11.Super Mario Sunshine Sequel
These games can be released in the first year not necessarily on the launch.

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1. F-Zero
2. GTA 6
3. Super Mario ___
4. high profile 3rd party game
5. Metroid Prime 4 if no prime-like game comes to the wii u

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Assuming that the NX is either a hybrid console or a third pillar (it won't replace the Wii U or 3DS)

1. 7th Generation Pokemon game
2. Mario Title, probably Galaxy 3 or a new take
3. New Metroid Game
4. New ip
5. New ip



1. A New mario adventure (like Galaxy or Sunshine)
2. A new Zelda title
3. Metroid
4. F-Zero (to fill for a racing title)
5. A mature title...horror or an action adventure...just to give something to the hardcore fans.

They also need to have the store up and running on day one, with all of the games that are on the past consoles up for grabs (Virtual console that is...nes, super, n64) and have a few goodies like a few good gamecube titles to download too.



1. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD (Zelda Wii U has to remain Zelda Wii U)
2. Super Mario game (I hope it'd be Super Mario Sunshine 2)
3. A new Fire Emblem game (I assume that Wii U won't get a Fire Emblem game anymore... Perhaps that crossover... but that's it)
4. 3D Donkey Kong game
5. New IP (an adventure game)

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I would definitely love Ice Climber to be revived. It would be a good way to bring the Ice Climbers back in Smash 5.



Launch Window, 2016:

WiiU Remasters/Ports:
1. Legend of Zelda
2. Mario Maker
3. Mario Kart 8- full DLC content, new battle arenas, full voice chat support, and support for new controller

NX Exclusive 1st/2nd Party:
1. Mario Adventure
2. Wave Race
3. Pokken
4. Original IP fps from Retro
5. Punch Out 3D

3rd Party multi platform:
Red Dead 3
Bioshock 3
Day Z
Tekken X Street Fighter
Tekken 7

Beyond the launch, they need to be building their software library around variety. They need to make acquisitions of Western teams and they need to establish a sports studio in the US. They need a free-roam driver, they need a more traditional exclusive fighter (with human martial artists), they need more shooters, and they need to make a NCAA football title now that the license is non-exclusive. They can't turn around and once again unload a bunch of Yoshi, Kirby, and DK titles on the console.

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i doubt these would happen right away

  • Splatoon 2/Splatwo
  • Mario Kart 9
  • Super Smash bros 5 (6?)
  • a new IP from Nintendo
  • Super Mario if it ends up on NX

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