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@GrailUK Well, I understand that, and at least you have a both balanced and more open-minded point of view, which is what I myself always like to keep as well. Even if some of these games released aren't for me, then I'm still quite sure that someone else will be happy about it.

But these complainers are ridiculous. It's all about I want this, I want that, what were (insert company) thinking when they released that game, since it's the exact game that I did NOT want, etc. etc...

It''s exasperating and very, VERY tiresome.

If people don't understand why, then perhaps they should imagine video game companies as supermarkets, and the games as the food and products that they sell. We also don't buy everything in the super market, nor do we need or want to, but that's okay, because the assortment is big enough for us to do all our grocery shopping and so on, and there's plenty of stuff that we can ignore, but we don't need to be angry at the supermarket for selling a different kind of apple than the one we were looking for.

Although knowing the whiners, they'll probably complain their way around that one too...

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ThanosReXXX wrote:

BlueOcean wrote:

Keeping/buying older consoles take space and/or money and in Europe our collection is PAL and you know what it means, right?

Modding the Minis, so you can add all those lovely 60Hz NTSC versions?

Of course, but the European SNES Classic Mini has the NTSC (60 Hz) version of the games, not the PAL (50 Hz). What I mean is that my original SNES and N64 are PAL so they run 50h Hz games, some of them are deformed like Super Mario 64. GameCube was the first console to offer 60 Hz in Europe. So why would I still play my games on them? I much prefer to play the 60 Hz version of Super Mario 64 on Wii U than the deformed 50 Hz version on my PAL Nintendo 64. The Virtual Console on Wii is 50 Hz too but on Wii U most games are 60 Hz. The European SNES Classic Mini is 60 Hz too.

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@ThanosReXXX Indeed. And if the supermarket just stocked one person's particular style and taste, then that person would quickly find themselves shopping alone lol.

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@GrailUK Provided that the supermarket would be able to survive...

'The console wars are like boobs: Sony and Microsoft fight over which ones look the nicest and Nintendo's are the most fun to play with.'

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@BlueOcean I knew that, obviously, but the included games might not be to everyone's taste, and obviously,
if you would want to softmod a Mini and add titles, most would choose the NTSC versions.

Although there are of course some PAL only games, so there's that. But in all honesty, it never bothered me that much. The reason for that was that, if it wasn't mentioned in any magazine, then we simply didn't know any better, and I read very few of these magazines back then, because I never owned any of the 8 or 16 bit consoles back in the day, I was completely into home computers.

I had an MSX in the 8 bit days, and when everybody else had a SNES or a Megadrive, I had an Amiga 500 (and later an A1200), which had superior versions of these games in most cases, so I never felt inclined to get a console. The first console I bought, was the N64, and ever since then, I've bought just about every Nintendo console and handheld, save for a few exceptions.

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'The console wars are like boobs: Sony and Microsoft fight over which ones look the nicest and Nintendo's are the most fun to play with.'

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The 3DS and Wii U eShops are still up and while those may not be the be all end all for VC, it's still pretty good.

I also prefer the collections or the Netflix style of Nintendo Online way more. I think buying old school games piece meal is just not feasible anymore, and there's a few exceptions like the SEGA Ages games, but spending $20-40 for a collection of $20/ year for a multiple classic games is way better.

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I'll put my hand up as one of the schmoes who bought a Switch partly under the expectation that I would be able to access Nintendo's amazing back catalogue. I was mostly on home computers (Amstrad, Amiga) until the PlayStation era, and my handhelds were a Game Gear and a PSP. I've had a fair bit of experience with Nintendo through friends - some NES, SNES and especially the N64 - but never had one of my own till the Switch. The idea of playing GBA Fire Emblem or Link to the Past as well as the Breath of the Wild was massively appealing. And still is!

Quite like the subscription model, but I'm in no hurry to play NES games. Quite fancy another crack at SMB3, now as an adult, or dipping into OG Zelda and Metroid, but I can't really get excited until they open up 16-bit and beyond.

Obviously, I probably should have got a 3DS - but the Switch is awesome, and I'd love it to aim towards a similar breadth of software library.

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@Moroboshi876 I don't need any games or game systems. They are all luxury items. But the ever since I first saw the Switch, one of my most desired features was virtual console. Finally a splendid device to gather all my retro titles on one machine and a machine that I can play on TV or on the go! It was and is an ideal situation in my mind! Yes playing on original hardware is nice, but all my life I dreamed of a machine like the Switch. I loved the Super Game Boy, the Game Boy adapter on N64, the GB Player on Gamecube... all those attempts to share my library on both TV and handheld. The Switch provides the oppertunity to put everything on one device. Or nearly everything. If Nintendo does not provide it eventually, I will be seriously getting into the hacking scene with the Switch. I'd much prefer to throw my money at them, but that option remains in the back of my mind.

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@Moroboshi876 Why the anger for it not being on Switch? Well, a few reasons.

1. We had come to expect it. It was on Wii, 3DS and Wii U. We were used to it being an option.
2. The NES and SNES Mini are plug and play toys locked to a TV and greedily using their own HDMI ports. The Switch can play on TV OR portable and that is a major benefit for a lot of people.
3. Nostalgia is a powerful factor for a lot of people and to people unfamiliar with how programming works, it seems like putting those games on the Switch and letting us buy them, would be an easy task for Nintendo.
4. Also some people don't like playing with mods because there is always a risk of breaking your machine and modding a machine to play downloaded roms always poses a legal and moral question that many people are uncomfortable with.

@EvilLucario I totally agree. The potential portability factor combined with the ability to play on TV is huge on Switch and why I think having those games on Switch is vastly superior to any other previous set up.

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@Heavyarms55 That said, a possibility of them ditching Virtual Console as it is could probably be because most of the popular games are the big sellers while others like Ice Hockey and even Actraiser (as an example) don't sell as much. So by grouping everything into the online service to make up for the rest of the flaws, it could sell it pretty well.

And there's always the question of how indies and other releases might suffer if Nintendo didn't do their drip-feed strategy. People complain about it, but dumping multiple things at a time might not be good long-term if Nintendo has data supporting otherwise.

That said, one thing I would like is the ability to buy any game from the service with a $1 or something discount (so 5 bucks turn to 4 bucks) if you are subscribed to the online service.

But if there is a Switch 2 with native backwards compatibility, they need to just continue building on the library and not start over like they've always done since backwards compatibility would be a selling point.

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I'm sure there are at least two other people who don't want a virtual console, so you aren't the only one Speaking only for me, virtual consoles are the best things about modern consoles. Yes, I have original systems still hooked up and enjoy playing on them. But it's usually much cheaper to get a game via vc than to track down a physical copy.

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@EvilLucario I would be completely okay with a different system, like having NSO eventually providing access to classic games. But NSO officially has no stated plans to move beyond NES titles. If like some have speculated, that VC datamined stuff implies that content is planned eventually for the service, I would be fine with NSO replacing VC. However they want to work it, I want access to those classic games.

I have heard the concern for indies before. I think that's somewhat reasonable. But I feel there are things they could do, to still support indies, without relegating classic gaming to silly plug and play toys.

@embison And it is certainly easier and faster! Some retro games can be found dirt cheap if you know where to look and get a little lucky, but nothing beats just hopping on the eshop and boom, there ya go!

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I have virtually zero interest in the vast majority of retro games. I like the shiny new stuff.

At the same time, I fully support the function for those who are into that type of thing.

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I forgot where I was going with this.

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It doesnt hurt. Only VC games I bought are the Zelda Oracle games, because have you tried to look at a gameboy as an adult? Yeah I've got a SP, but it still isn't bright enough if its sunny.

But yeah, I'm more interested in the classic systems.

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I just want to finish majoras mask. And i dont want to buy another 3ds after just selling mine to buy a switch. A collection on all zelda games on the switch would be a dream come true. Will it be virtual consol. No... but hopefully soon we can find out if a physical remasted version of all games can be made avaliable for switch



@Moroboshi876 By saying "and beyond" the Dreamcast, they will be meaning later arcade games, games released for other consoles such as the original Xbox which had quite a lot of Sega games. I'm sure they receive requests to bring those games too, that's why they brought it up.I'd say hoping for any of those to be part of this Ages line is getting a bit carried away but it covering up to the Dreamcast generation? I'd say it's all but officially confirmed. Virtua Racing has already shown this isn't just going to be limited to 8/16 bit and early arcade era.

I just wish they were releasing their games more frequently than 2 per month. It's going to take 7 months just to get the initial batch out. There are a few of the so far announced games I'm not planning to buy so depending on the order they're released I may go over 2 months without buying one. One release per week like Hamster do would be ideal. I understand there's more work goes into M2 releases though so that's probably not possible.

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@OorWullie That's some bad news you give me here, man... I was hoping to see one release per week. Although I understand they don't want to burn their 15 titles in 15 weeks. But the fanboy in me even wanted to see 2 every week. LOL

That's going to be harder to endure than Arcade Archives' waiting. I understand M2 versions have features and a quality that requires more work, but Neo Geo games get released once a week (and we know about the next 3-5 in advance), Arcade Archives come more sporadically (and without revealing the titles in advance) and Nintendo arcade games in Arcade Archives even worse, because a couple months can pass between two releases, even when they released two at once that week we got Donkey Kong and Sky Skipper.

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