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Oh yes, this needs to happen! Alex needs to update us on his game because we need to know how its evolving!

For those unaware, Alex Live streamed on Youtube the VR Garage on Labo VR cartridge, and was building a game about controlling a fish that had to jump through rings to earn points. Thing blew up when Alex revealed the name of the game is simply, Fish Splish. The chat went wild coming up with new ideas for said game; Alex made more rings and a stone ramp to jump up to a ring that's higher up all inside what I guess Alex was trying to make was a fish tank.

As the controls were car based, I imagined it as a Rocket League-like game with many players playing as fish, trying to jump through hoops to then score the most points with-in a time limit.

Honestly though, I wish the live stream was saved, because the stream was great once Alex began to build and evolve his game. I just hope we get to hear more news about Alex's Fish Splish game! BTW, I was Ian on the stream, I left a few super chats.



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