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Hi guys,

I think I've got a solid theory as to where BotW takes place in the Zelda timeline. Let's collect all the information that we know about so far:

  • The game features two time periods - previous Hyrule 100 years into the past and present Hyrule. This is evident as numerous frames in the trailer shows a tattered Link in a blue tunic holding the broken master sword and a tattered Zelda in her white dress (the two of them in those scenes are probably 100 years in the past), and it also shows a pristine master sword with a Link that looks in fine shape (probably present Link once he restores the Master Sword).
  • The game features Korok's and Rito. Korok's used to be Kokiri, as the Great Deku Tree practically confirmed this in saying they used to take 'human forms'. It is heavily implied that Valoo helped most of the Zora become Rito using his scales to grant them flight. Zora wouldn't be able to survive the salt water of the ocean, so it makes sense that most of them turned into Rito (maybe a few survived somewhere).
  • Zelda has a dad in this game. And he knows what happened 100 years in the past.
  • There are landmarks in the game which have already appeared in previous titles.
  • References to the Goddess Hylia exist in the game.

If we take all of those, I would place this game... at the same time as Wind Waker.

I know what you're thinking... "At the same time as Wind Waker? How is that even possible?"

Bear with me.

So, the timeline splits in three ways during OoT. The Adult Timeline, The Child Timeline, and The Downfall Timeline. I'm sure you all know what happens in the three but basically, the adult leads to Ganondorf returning and The Great Flood, in which Hyrule is flooded before the events of the WW. The child timeline leads to Link returning to the beginning of the game, stopping Ganondorf and leading him to be executed (which goes wrong), and bringing about the events of Twilight Princess etc. The downfall timeline is where Link dies in the final battle and everything goes wrong in the world and explosions, moar eggsplowjuns.

Back to my point about it happening at the same time as the WW. At the end of The Wind Waker, Ganondorf reunites the Triforce and is about to wish for Hyrule to be raised back onto land. Daphnes gets there first and wishes for Link/Tetra to receive hope and asks that Hyrule wash away forever. I believe that Breath of the Wild is in a new branch of the Adult Timeline, in which Ganondorf's wish came true. Hyrule returns back to land, and brings about the events of BotW.

This would make the 'Old Man' that we see in BotW, Zelda's father. Or more commonly known... King Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule. It would also explain why there are both Zora and Rito, as some Zora would have remained in Hyrule. It would also explain why there are Koroks present, why there is still a Great Deku Tree, why Link is in his blue garb, why Hylia is being referenced (the legend of her never washed away), why we see a Temple of Time, why the Master Sword is still around (he wouldn't have facesworded Ganondorf), why Gerudo and Goron's are still there, why Death Mountain looks like it always did (common theory is that Dragon Roost Island is Death Mountain after the flood), and a bucket load more.

Let me know what you guys think!

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