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Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning is the best non-Zelda action-RPG of all time. When it was released on the Xbox360, it was ignored because it was considered a Skyrim clone. The game is much better than Skyrim, featuring excellent combat, a beautiful open world to explore, and the overall design and story by R. A. Salvatore, one of the best fantasy novelists of all time. Finally we had a real writer working on a videogame, and it showed!

The game has just been re-released for the XboxOne and PS4, and it is being ignored again, because that audience isn't interested in this type of game. The producers don't understand that this sort of game belongs on Nintendo consoles. Playstation and Xbox are good for dystopian games that focus on blood, gore and darkness, such as Final Fantasy, Dark Souls and God of War. Amalur, on the other hand, has a world that is a utopia, not a dystopia, and has an overall positive feel as in the Zelda games.

Am I the only person who would like to see this game on the Nintendo Switch? I've already beaten it, but I'd play it again in handheld mode. I believe it would be a big success if it were made available to the right audience, and Nintendo fans would eat this game up. Perhaps if other people left their thoughts here, the developers would see the light and port it. Thoughts? Am I crazy for thinking this?



I enjoyed the game when it originally released. But if THQ Nordic didn't announce it for Switch at the same time they announced the PS4 and Xbone versions, then they probably aren't bringing it to the Switch ever.

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Yes you are probably the only person you thinks this. Yes you are crazy if you think developers just sit around and read fan forums.

Just buy yourself an Xbox One or PS4 then you won't miss out on the games that will never come to Switch.

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The producers don't understand that this sort of game belongs on Nintendo consoles ? Yes sir you are crazy and you need to buy yourself other console.



I would buy this if it came over to the Switch. This kind of game is easier to play on the switch, long play times mesh well with not being tethered to the tv.

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I mean, i would like to play it on switch, seems interesting and i have never played it. But it is probably an utopic thought, that leaving comments on here will somehow convince or even reach the developers of this game.

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I'm overjoyed at the amount of passengers I'm seeing here on the glorious, legendary Kingdoms Of Amalur Switch Hype Train! I'm sure the game's developers will look at our fervent dedication and be inspired to release it on the Switch! Success is just around the corner!



I would love it on the Switch. I remember having good times with the game when it was initially released.



My entire experience with this game is listening to the soundtrack once. If the actual game is even remotely as good, then I fully believe the hype for it.

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I knew that this hype train and its heroic passengers would lead to a Switch release for this excellent game. It has just been announced that in mid March the Nintendo Switch will get a port of the greatest action RPG of all time!

Many evil-doers tried to derail our audacious hype train, but they've now been vanquished! Amalur lives on!!!



I asked on twitter if they plan a physical release. I am hoping for an answer.



Yea, it's definitely a fun game and worth a buy for me, especially if I don't fill that timeframe with Bravely Default. I had a lot of fun with it on the 360, but I never finished it because it's just one of those massive games that eventually exhaust me lol



They already answered.



Shame these games take so long to come across to switch.
Its a great game but I doubt I'm going to double dip as I've already completed it on PS4.

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This thread has aged well. Yeah, I'm interested as well and going to pre-order a physical copy when possible.



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