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One of Sega’s worst kept secrets, a new Super Monkey Ball to be released for Switch, PS4, and PC. The trademark was registered last month, and it has already been rated in both Korea and Taiwan. It’ll be interesting to see if this is a return to form or another mediocre game in the franchise.

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I haven't played a game in the series since the original on GC.

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I hope it's good. I love the first 2 Monkey Ball games. But after that, the Wii game was a perfect example of bad motion controls (I mean I guess the main game controls weren't the worst, but the minigames were a disaster). Between that and Samba De Amigo, people at Sega did not know how Wii's motion controls even worked or were given 10 minutes to make them work, I'm convinced. Meanwhile, the 3DS game was boring, too easy and maybe the most mediocre game I've ever spent money on. And I didn't even really get to Adventure.

Point is, the series started strong and it needs a return to form. Which I'm sure has never been stated about a Sega series starring animals.

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