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i think a better friend system should be introduced: 1. Instead of the codes, have your nintendo account with username 2. If You can register your console to your account then you can connect the app to the account, thus to the console, giving you live updates. 3. Being able to send messages to your friends (seriously just do it!)
4. make it so you can set a background picture
5. Add a browser!



Things I REALLY want

  • Fully functional picture viewer, even better if it can read PNG too but even common JPG alone would be fine
  • The ability to choose a fixed order for the games icons to be placed in the main screen
  • The option to create saves backups and copy those saves to the SD card (I'd like to store my Skyrim saves, I don't play it to complete the game but I play it like a life sim and I'd like to keep saves backups)

Things that would be very welcome but I don't need that much

  • Video player
  • Music Player

Things that would be nice additions but I really don't need

  • Browser
  • Streaming services

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I remember stumbling across a few mock-up's on Reddit created by a user named Neityg that I thought looked pretty cool - basically adding a web browser, some media app's, trophy support and a more condensed tile layout option ..they perhaps could've gone a little further and allowed folders on the UI home scree (eg. put all demo's in one folder, all couch co-op in another etc - with each folder just taking up one tile on the home screen - something I'd like to see!)


I'd also like to see additional themes added soon via MyNintendo (with accompanying themed music and button-push sounds!), direct messaging to friends, video capture, the ability to invite friends to your session via the UI, status updates, a calendar to arrange events - oh, the possibilities! ..overall, the UI is fast, snappy and stylish - a very nice start - but it does feel a little bare bones, so I'm hoping that Nintendo roll out something a touch more substantial than the usual 'stability updates' before too long!

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Themed music is the reason why I don't use themes on Nintendo 3DS even if I have some. I really hate it I hope at least it would be optional cause I don't want it. I wouldn't use themes if they forced you to play their music I'd keep the default one

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Cover art for icons instead of screenies. Or maybe letting them be customisable.

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What about a password on my account? So that I do not have to be afraid that someone else might pick up my switch, starts zelda on my account and creates a new game?



Switch interface need these :
1. Music ! Nothing important than a catchy elevator tunes.
2. Alphabetical sort.
3. Colorful BG.
4. Folders like 3DS.
5. Internet Browser, Youtube, Netflix.
6. More physical release of e-shop only games, especially also appears on ps4 in physical form.
7. Video recorder and player.
8. Music player.
9. Notes.
10. Software that using IR Camera from Right Joy Con.

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-Main Menu BG Themes, music should be optional though, there should be a setting to turn it off/on.
-Internet Browser & media apps (Hulu, Youtube, Netflix, etc.)
-Folders to organize your gaming library
-A better friend system that doesn't involve using codes
-The ability to use external hard drives instead of primarily microSD cards for storage.

I was also going to mention cloud based storage/backup, but it's possible that could be implemented with the paid online service in 2018. It would be incredibly dumb of Nintendo not to do that honestly. I would gladly pay $20/yr for online service based on that alone.


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Everything people have already said and Kindle support. Or a browser that would allow access to the Kindle web app. But an actual app that would let you download your books for offline reading would be much better.

Oh yeah... and Hearthstone.



Save games back up option:
This should have been implemented and available from the beginning. Creating a back up of the save games (e.g. via SD card, USB stick or cloud service) is just such a must have feature it is sooo crazy that it still isn't available at all.

Private messages:
It should be possible to communicate with friends directly via Nintendo Switch. Currently a "3rd party device" is required to communicate and that just doesn't make sense at all.

Achievements are the modern high scores and people often enough just like comparing themselves with others. All the competitors have them and it is time that Nintendo also provides an achievement system.

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