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Champion’s Road still gives me nightmares. I’m scared, Mommy

That’s a very astute observation. I actually think I’m inclined to agree.

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I'm guessing that Bowser's Fury is a bonus world exclusive to the Switch version. Kinda like what they did with Xenoblade DE. Anyway, I'm happy that 3D World's coming to the Switch. One of my favorite Mario games

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This one is a pass for me since I played the Wii U version to death, but I'm really glad it'll be available for a larger audience. The game more than deserves it!

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Important: I can’t really tell but can anyone see if they’re making the cat suit play like it did in SMM2 with the weird pouncing or if they’re keeping it faithful to the original?

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I'm skeptical after the added levels to captain toad but I'd happily be wrong.



I'm more excited for 3D World than I am for 3D All Stars, and I can't believe I'm saying that because I hated the entire direction they took that game, but Bowser's Fury looks to be so unlike the base game in all of the right ways. I hated how linear and rehashy 3D World felt, which was pretty much the exact opposite of what I wanted to see in a 3D Mario game, but Bowser's Fury is definitely not the former and I suspect it won't be the latter either. The level shown in the teaser definitely seems to have opened things up a lot more and seems like the gameplay may be more than just the typical linear Mario fare, on top of being a fairly unique setting that seems like it might be delving into the lore behind the Super Bell. I'll have to wait until we hear more about this mode, namely about the scope of this mode and what the gameplay is like, but I might actually get this game. Never thought I'd be excited for a 3D World port of all things.


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@Bolt_Strike Same. It looks like Nintendo put a lot more effort into this port than 3D All-Stars.

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Dezzy wrote:

BlueOcean wrote:

won't pay again for playing on Switch even with the tiny expansion.

We have no idea how big the expansion is yet. I'm staying optimistic that when Nintendo give something its own standalone name, it's usually quite sizeable. Like if it was just a couple more levels, would they have given it an official name? Wouldn't they have just said "now with some bonus levels" like they did with Captain Toad?

Oh I was just guessing. If the expansion is as big as the original game and looks interesting I might buy it again. I don't think that the file size difference or the title are telling us the size of the expansion, though.

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@ianl579 same same This game looks so good.

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@Bolt_Strike I was a big fan of the “linear” level design in 3D world. However, if Bowser’s Fury is anything like I think it is, I’d be more obliged to play that instead.


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@LetsaGO It was only removed from the NA eshop, that's what I was referring to.



@LetsaGO @link3710 Boy, that proves that Nintendo is the stingiest and least consumer-friendly company in the world. Removing the Wii U version for those souls that believed in Nintendo and bought the first home console of the generation that was abandoned soon after? Not only no cross-buy option which should be the norm in this case but removing the cheaper Wii U version from the eShop. That's a new low.



So 3D world has been removed from the Wii u eshop.



I think Nintendo must of thought more people would just buy a Wii u to enjoy the cheaper 3d world game. Wii u sales would’ve skyrocketed lol

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Love this game! Glad it's getting a rerelease for the unfortunite people who either missed the game because they sadly never gave Wii U a chance or just plain forgot to play this one. I remember when it came out and fools were immediately dumping on it because they were expecting a full 3D game like galaxy or something. They were all like boo this looks like a 3DS game! Anyway i wonder how the levels will work that used to require the gamepads touch screen. You know those platforms you had to tap with the stylus?

I really love the soundtrack in this one too! Here's a favorite track!



@1UP_MARIO I do like @BANJO and play the Wii U version when a Wii U port is released for Switch 😆.



@Zeldafan79 apparently you can use the touchscreen in handheld mode.

I always found people viewed 3D World wrong, it shines as a chaotic co-op game rather than a single player game akin to 64 or Galaxy. I really like 3D World myself, if given a choice it's probably the first Mario game I'd play even above the likes of Odyssey, 64 or Super Mario World.

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@BlueOcean Haha, good to hear, well it's certainly served me well.. I did this with Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, Wonderful 101 among others and will do the same come October 31st with Pikmin 3... 😀
I'm awaiting to see how much more content 3D World's Browser's Fury actually adds before deciding... 🤔



@BANJO Yep same here, the Wii U games are still good even if they lack an easy mode LOL. I'm, too, curious about how much content Bowser's Fury has. I might wait for a price discount and get it if it's decent but not full-priced anyway. I'm only getting Super Mario 3D All-Stars because I fell for it.



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