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Zelda BotW: 8.5/10 (Don't get me wrong- awesome game- but I don't think people admit it's shortcomings enough i.e. not enough dungeons, not much boss/dungeon variety, not a whole lot of enemy variety, bad motion control puzzles and could have more cities considering the huge map. The exploration, style, characters and sidequests do make up for its cons)
Shovel Knight: 7.5/10 (Co-op controls were horrible for me and my brother, lowering the score)
Overcooked: Special Edition: 7.5/10 (Had SO much fun playing with friends. Unfortunately hard to place items with precision and also a little short)
ARMS: 6/10 (ATM around a 6 because of the amount of content for an 80$CDN game. Depending on how many characters and stages they add, this could turn into a 7 or 8 because the base game can be pretty fun if I'm not tired of facing Ninjara or Min min for the millionth time)
Splatoon 2: 8/10 (So much fun, and fortunately I don't really care about the voice chat cause I'm more into couch co-op. Can become a 9 or even 10 depending on how much more content they add.)

Tl;dr Zelda BotW>Splatoon 2> Overcooked> Shovel Knight> ARMS (could go after Splatoon if they add enough content)



@rk3388 On the subject of too little dungeons... what do you think of Majora's Mask, then? That game only had four dungeons and yet were pretty expansive for what they were.

In my opinion, the "big" dungeons' problems were them all being very similar in structure and how to solve and not being very big. But I don't think the number of dungeons are a problem.

Though I do agree with the rest of the cons except for the motion control puzzles, I didn't mind them at all.

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ARMS - 90
Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ - 75
Blaster Master Zero - 80
Cave Story+ - 80
Has-Been Heroes - 90
I Am Setsuna. - 70
Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - 100
LEGO City Undercover - 85
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - 95
Puyo Puyo Tetris - 80
Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove - 90
Slime-San - 70
Snake Pass - 70
Snipperclips - 75
Sonic Mania - 90
Splatoon 2 - 90
Super Bomberman R - 80
TumbleSeed - 60
Ultra Street Fighter II - 80



only played some of the demos
Zelda - 6/10 - BEAUTIFUL graphics, but the game play can get boring fast. Ive played open world games on other platforms ( etc far cry, horizon) and i was disappointed with zelda. the world is just TOO big to have such little to do. i can spend 30min running around and find nothing to do.
Lego city - 9/10 i love all lego games. the ultimate game of destruction. haha



I've rated my games only on how much I enjoy them and they appeal to my tastes.Surely that's what matters.

ARMS 9.5
MK8D 9.5
Splatoon 2 10

Puyo Puyo Tetris - 9
Minecraft - 7
Namco Museum - 8

Blaster Master Zero - 8
Bulb Boy - 8
Graceful Explosion Machine - 8.5
Mighty Gunvolt Burst - 7
Retro City Rampage - 9
Slime San - 7
Snake Pass - 7.5
Sonic Mania - 9.5
Tumbleseed - 8
Wonderboy - 8

Strikers 1945 - 9
Gunbarich - 8

Aerofighters 2 - 9
Alpha Mission 2 - 7.5
Blazing Star - 8.5
Garou Mark of Wolves - 9
King of Fighters 98 - 8.5
Last Resort - 8
Metal Slug 1 - 9
Metal Slug 3 - 8
Magician Lord - 7
Neo Turf Masters - 8.5
Over Top - 7
Shock Troopers 1 - 9
Shock Troopers 2 - 7.5
Super Sidekicks - 8

I have Ironcast too but I haven't played it yet.

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I also would like to point out that if in Sonic Mania there were two stages I like more instead of Chemical Plant and Oil Ocean (which are probably the two Sonic stages I hate the most) I would have given it 10/10.
It made me rather enjoy Chemical plant, at least the act 2, which is a quite impressive feat in itself, but really I cannot give perfect score to a game that has two ugly looking stages like Chemical plant and Oil ocean. The game itself is absolutely fantastic aside from that

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@LuckyLand I really like Oil Ocean. I love how the oil ignites and the pressure of finding the lever.I was never a fan of Chemical Plant Zone in Sonic 2 but like you it's grown on me. I do wish they had done away with the moving blocks under water though, I hate that bit. I'm always on edge and never feel safe until I'm out the water and over the other side. Nothing worse than falling back down.

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Just my view on the games I’ve bought (feel free to discuss/berate!)

Zelda: 10/10 – For me the best game I’ve ever played. I understand the critics but, hey, it is my opinion.

Mario Kart 8: 9/10 – Great fun – it is the best Mario Kart ever, what else needs to be said?

Puyo Puyo Tetris: 10/10 – I know giving it 10 sounds odd, but for me it is the perfect puzzle game.

Kamiko: 7/10 – Great for what it is, and I appreciate it.

Sonic Mania: 9/10 – Its 2d Sonic (done well) – you will know if you are going to love or hate it!

Metal Slug 1 – 9 – One of my favourite (and most purchased!) games of all time.

Gunbarich – 8 – I’d never even heard of this this but I am having a LOT of fun with it.

Splatoon 2 - ? – Only just got this so can’t really give a score, never played the first one and it does seem like tons of fun but we’ll see.

On I slight side note, I have to say the Switch is shaping up to be my favourite ever console (though that may be the fact I am getting old and not having as much time to game anymore!).
Anyway – let us all just enjoy great games.



Zelda - 9 - Epic!

Splatoon 2 - 9.5 - Can't believe how addicted I am!

NBA Playgrounds - 7 - Really fun in short stints

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - 9 - Fantastic!

Sonic Mania - 5 - Just not my thing

Kamiko - 8 - Really good so far, especially for $5!

Snipperclips - 5 - No pro controller support kills the game, would probably give it an 8 otherwise.

World of Goo - 4 - Touch screen and weird laser pointer controls definitely not what I was looking for.

LEGO City: Undercover - 7.5 - Really good! A little silly but good.

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@EvilLucario I do think they had some clever puzzles, and all of them WERE enjoyable but my problems included:
-In terms of time, all of them were pretty short, so having 4 dungeons made it such a small portion of the same
-All the bosses kind of resembled each other
-Aesthetics were all the same in the dungeons- Majora's Mask also had fewer dungeons but they all had a different vibe

Similar to the cities complaint, with such a HUGE (and beautifully crafted) open world the minimal amounts of dungeons in this giant world kind of disappoints. Overall, I am not trying to complain though, because their is no denying it is an amazing game



@MegaTen I absolutely avoid multiplayer games, but I'm interested in Splatoon 2, it looks cool and fun but I would never play it with others. Would you recommend it anyway? I'm really tempted but many people says Splatoon games are not worth it if you play only single player...

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Zelda: BOTW 10/10
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe 10/10
Splatoon 2 9/10
Disgaea 5 9/10
Arms 8/10
World of Goo 7/10
Snake Pass 7/10
Ultra Street Fighter II 6/10
Super Bomberman R 6/10

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Breath of the Wild: 10/10
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: 10/10
Arms: 8/10
Splatoon 2: 9/10
Snake Pass: 8/10
Blaster Master Zero: 8/10
I and Me: 7/10

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I can never decide how to number-rate a game, but here are some impressions.

Zelda: Very impressive open world, but the last open world game I actually completed (Morrowind) took me six years. Zelda will probably take me just as long at the rate I'm going. I like these kinds of games but only play them in spurts (finished my first Zelda spurt a few weeks ago, and will likely continue in the fall). Seems very well executed so far but I think I may like the Bethesda games a little more. I started Skyrim on my PC long ago, but I might restart on the Switch if the port gets good reviews. If I do it might take me 12 years to finish Zelda. Unless you hate these kinds of games, Zelda is probably a must-have even if you use it just as a tech demo for the system

Mario Kart 8: Nice upgrade from Mario Kart Wii. My daughter loves these games and I think its a blast too. My favorite way to race is 1 on 1 with no weapons and 150cc. If you like using motion control to steer, the Pro Controller is just as nice as--or even better than--a wheel. Some cool graphically pleasing and gravity defying tracks. Another must buy IMO, especially when company comes over.

Lego City Undercover: Kind of like an open world game on rails. The humor and voice acting is really excellent. The platforming here is generally pretty simple, though finding blocks to give yourself enough point to buy things can be a challenge. Not a must-buy by any means, but if you've tried and liked any previous Lego games, you'll probably want this one.

Snipperclips & Overcooked: These are two local co-op games that my daughter and I like to play together. Snipperclips doesn't support the Pro Controller which is an oversight I hope they fix, but it plays just fine with the Joy-con. Overcooked is my daughter's favorite of the two, but I can only take the stress (which sometimes feels too much like real life) in short spurts. It also has some control issues; for example, it can be hard to point your character precisely. Snipperclips takes a lot more conversation (arguing?!) to play and is therefore slower moving. Both work pretty well in tabletop mode since they don't rely on splitscreen. I can recommend both if you have at least one other person to play with since the single player modes are not really these game's strong suits.

Cave Story+: Classic retro-styled side-scrolling platformer/adventure with some plot depth. The platforming can be a bit brutal in places. I'm currently trying to get through the "Last Cave" and finding it particularly challenging. Still, it is actually the game I'm playing the most right now and is deserving of its consistent high ratings if you like this sort of thing. If you're going to have one retro indie title on your Switch, this might be one of your best bets.

Sonic Mania: I never played Sonic "in the day" on the Genesis/Mega Drive, although I'm familiar with it and have played it more recently in emulated form; but I never spent much time with it. I picked this up for the Switch due to its glowing reviews and figuring that maybe now was the time to give it a fair shake. I do like it, but am finding it an acquired taste. Until you've memorized the paths to some degree its hard to get Sonic to go very far before tripping, and the speed changes and roadblocks one constantly runs into seems to make the experience a bit uneven. This is not a negative review though since I am warming up to it (and so is my daughter), and the execution seems very good. If you're an old fan of Sonic I can't help but feel that this has to be a must-buy for you. If you're not, then just be aware that you might need to give this one time to grow on you.

PuyoPuyo Tetris: I bought this one for my daughter after she became enthralled with the demo (more games need demos, BTW). The story mode is goofy, but the variations and combinations of these two games are cool. I doubt that I would have bought this for myself, but it is fun and can be addicting. I had never played PuyoPuyo before and neither had my daughter, but she is already beating me in 8 out of 10 games, which is forcing me to play it more (can't be beat up by a 10 year old now, can I?). It may be a losing battle though. Not a must-buy if you're not already a Tetris or PuyoPuyo fan, but worth giving the demo a try.

Next games on my list to buy are Death Squared and Mario + Rabbids.

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@gildahl Nice write up. Just go with your gut on scores - if you love it and consider it one of the best games you've played, it's a 10; if its a very well made game that doesn't do much wrong but doesn't quite wow you, it's a 9; if its good but consistently held back by one or two aspects it's an 8; if its quite good but limited it's a 7; if it's got some features worth experiencing but not good enough to keep your interest to finish etc. it's a 6, and so on...

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Zelda - 9/10
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - 8/10
ARMS - 10/10
Splatoon 2 - 8/10
Shovel Knight - 8/10
I Am Setsuna - 6/10
Has Been Heroes - 8/10
Puyo Puyo Tetris - 9/10

I've played a few more but these are the ones I've either finished or sunk 20+ hours into.

ARMS has been the biggest surprise for me and my favourite switch game so far. Not normally a fighting game player but I can't stop going back to it for single player with different characters, party mode for unwinding, and ranked for some very intense battles (currently rank 9). All the criticisms about the lack of content are valid, but if you like the core game play as much as I do that's not an issue.



Splatoon 2

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What's with I got only half a barrel of love for zelda botw attitude guys.

I played it on wii u for crying out loud.

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Vroom in the Night Sky - 2/10 - Awful tosh
Super Bomberman R - 6/10 - Fine but still bomberman, would have preferred a more cartoonier classic look
Snipperclips - 7/10 - Good but slightly overrated I thought
Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove - 9/10 - Great collection
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - 9/10 - Excellent game but not quite the 10/10 many think IMO
I Am Setsuna - 8/10 - Great Square RPG better on Switch
1-2-Switch - 5/10 - A blast with friends and some drinks but should have been a pack in
Blaster Master Zero - 8/10 - Excellent little Metroidvania
World of Goo - 7/10 - Fun classic indie game
Little Inferno - 7/10 - Fun classic indie game but wish they had added new things
Snake Pass - 6/10 - I was slightly disappointed by this version and ended up playing on PC
Lego City Undercover - 8/10 - Best way to play this game
Mr. Shifty - 8/10 - Fantastic little indie action game
The Jackbox Party Pack 3 - 7/10 - good with friends if a little overpriced
Kamiko - 9/10 - Fantastic game with an excellent speed running element... if only it was longer
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - 8/10 - Great but would have preferred Mario Kart 9 or at least some new tracks
Disgaea 5 Complete - 7/10 - Best way to play. good game
Shantae: Half-Genie Hero - 8/10 - Fantastic little metroidvania platformer.
Mighty Gunvolt Burst - 9/10 - The game mighty number 9 should have been
Arms - 5/10 - Fun but gets samey very quickly
Vaccine - 2/10 - tosh
Implosion - Never Lose Hope - 8/10 - fun spectacle fighter... great version best way to play.
Cave Story+ - 7/10 - Classic indie title if a little-overpriced considering you can grab a shareware version for free. also not as good as the Wii U version.
Splatoon 2 - 8/10 - fun game but not really my thing
Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star - 9/10 - a compelling addictive story with fun gameplay and lots of content.
Ultra Hyperball - 4/10 - fun but very limited
Infinite Minigolf - 8/10 - excellent mini golf game
Gunbarich for Nintendo Switch - 6/10 - great concept weak controls
Phantom Trigger - 7/10 - god twin stick brawler with too steep a difficulty curve
Sonic Mania - 9/10 - outstanding game best sonic in 20 years
The Jackbox Party Pack - 7/10 - Good to have on switch but should have been released at half price or in a bundle with..... Stronger of the 3 games.
The Jackbox Party Pack 2 - 5/10 - Good to have on switch but should have been released at half price or in a bundle with The Jackbox Party Pack.
Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (only played a few hours so far) - 9/10 - spell binding adventure.
Binding of Isaac Afterbirth + - 10/10 - Best way to play still the best roguelike.
PHOTON³ - 8/10 - Good puzzler worth the import
Metal SLug 3 - 7/10 - Great Port
Garaou Mark of the Wolves - 6/10 - Great Port but dated

Not until I wrote all of these down I realised how much I play my Switch now rather than other things....


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