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Zelda - 9.5
SF2 - 7.5
Bomberman - 7.5
Snipperclips - 8
Puyo Puyo Tetris - 8
Overcooked - 8
Graceful Explosion Machine - 8
NBA - 7
World of Goo - 7
Human resource machine - 7

For me
10 is perfect (for a game of that type at that time),
9 is a game I will buy the sequel too on day one,
8 I will look at reviews before buying any sequels,
7 is a good game, but not one I will buy on multiple systems or buy sequels for.

Switch games list,

Legend of Zelda BotW, Human resource machine, NBA Playgrounds, Street Fighter 2, Super Bomberman R, Snipperclips, Overcooked, World of Goo.

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Krillin_ wrote:

but I get that people who have played a vast number of the previous games came to it with certain expectations that weren't met.

I've played pretty much every game in the Zelda series and I still consider it a 10/10. Sure, if I were to rate it purely on the basis of how much I like it as a Zelda game, it'd probably be a 6/10 due to the lack of big dungeons etc. etc. etc. Theres loads of things I miss from past instalments. However, putting my love/nostalgia for the franchise aside the game does such a huge amount of things extremely well (compared to other, similar titles I've played).

It's not one of the best Zelda games I've played, but it is one of the best games I've played period.

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Zelda botw: 10/10. I always thought Zelda wasn't really my thing. This game changed my mind. I'm looking for different/new experiences on the Switch and this game definitely qualifies for me.
MK8 DX: 10/10. I loved MK7 on the 3DS, it was the first MK I played since Super Mario Kart. MK8 is near perfect for me. I can hardly think of any way this game could be better.
Ultra SFII: 7/10. The reviews and negative comments almost kept me from buying this game. I'm glad I took a chance on it. I've spent more than 20 hours playing it and love it every time. Also, the classic mode looks really, really good on the tablet screen, especially the Zangief stage, the green in it really pops.
Cave Story+: 9/10. Bought an import copy of this game, because I really wanted to try it and loved the box art and bonus items it comes with. Played trough it, really enjoyed it and I already feel an urge to replay it.
Fast RMX: 8/10. Haven't played very much of it recently, since I was absorbed in botw and MK8 too much. In March I did play for more than a few hours and liked it, although it's pretty intense. Want to go back to it and play more cups.
Snipperclips: 8/10. Good game, but not very much content. Was fun to play with several friends though. Don't think I'll go back to it any time soon.
Thumper: 8/10. Very intense in a good way. Have not played it much, but I plan on playing a lot more in the winter when it's dark outside in the evening.

NB: I'm not gonna rate it, because I've played too little of it, but I also bought Lego City Undercover, because I heard good things about it when it was on Wii U. I tried it two times, but I sold it right after that. After experiencing the freedom you get in botw, this is just such an underwhelming experience, I felt it was too linear and too slow somehow. Maybe a good game for kids, or a more casual experience, but it felt like I was wasting my time with it.

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@MegaTen Yeah, for sure. There is a lot to like about the game, and I like the setting a lot. I just found it disappointing when I realized that the story was pretty meh, pretty much all of the side quests were basically standard open world fodder (Please find me 30 Sunshrooms! Oh, you found them! Here's 5 rupees! Bye!), and the world was filled with monster camps, stables, shrines, and the occasional village and fairy, but with few truly unique landmarks (They do exist, but I was genuinely surprised when I did find them because of their rarity). With Nintendo pushing the exploration aspect so much, I was expecting it to be more like an Elder Scrolls game where there are unique locations everywhere, but unfortunately that wasn't the case, and I found myself not really caring about exploration nearly as much after I realized that.

I do like how the general areas are different, like Zoras Domain and Death Mountain, but I was hoping to find something that wasn't a shrine or monster camp within those areas more often than I did.

All that would be more forgivable if the dungeons were really good, seeing as those are a huge part of Zelda games, but I honestly felt like the dungeons were among the weakest in the series. Literally all of them used the exact same Sheikah technology aesthetic, and most of the shrines were too simple for my tastes. I do like the shrine system, but I would rather they lowered the number to maybe 30-40 and ramped up the complexity, and didn't make them look the same. As for the Divine Beasts, they were pretty good, but they all looked the same, and they were a far cry from the expansive labyrinths from previous Zeldas. Not very memorable at all, at least for me. I did like the elephant one quite a bit, though.

In general, I think their attempts at making everything huge kind of watered down a lot of the game, and made the game feel less like a Zelda game than any other Zelda I've ever played. I'm okay with them sticking to the open world design, but they should downsize the world by a lot, since it was clearly big for the sake of being big, and just generally condense everything.

All that aside, I still do like the game, and I would recommend it to anyone who's a fan of the genre. I just don't think it's the greatest game of all time like some people do. There are many other games that are far more deserving of that title.

I'm also not a fan of this trend where anyone who doesn't give the game a 10/10 and has some criticisms is "nitpicking". Why are Zelda games always on some pedestal where people can't point out their flaws? The games are great, but they're far from perfect, and this one is IMO one of the most flawed in the series.



Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - 9.5/10
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - 9/10
Splatoon 2 (after 1 week) - 9/10
Overcooked! Special Edition - 8.5/10
Death Squared - 7.5/10

Really, really happy with my purchases so far - not a single regret about any of them - and I'm starting to build a nice selection of games to dip in-and-out of depending on my mood/the situation

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All the things that are in Breath of the wild are very well made, the problem is they did not made enough different things for it. After some playtime it begins to feel very basic, very empty. It's not that there is something that is not good in the game, there simply are not enough things in the game. It is extremely empty and monotonous and shallow because of this. Both other (older) Zelda games and Elder Scrolls games have much more content amnd things to do and to discover in them, much more variety. They are quite different from each other, they are more rich in their respectively own way, but both of them are much more rich and varied and satisfying than Breath of the wild is.

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Btw, what is the difference between Overcooked ps4 & Overcooked Switch ?

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3. DrumMania
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7. Martial Beat

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@Anti-Matter I don't think that there's too much difference...I think that the reason that the Switch version is more expensive is that it comes bundled with the paid DLC - so you get a bit of extra content - but, gameplay-wise, it's pretty similar.

There are a few slight performance issues with the Switch version (frame rate dips) but they don't have a really noticeable affect on the experience in my opinion (and they're apparently working on a patch to correct those issues too) ..and the Switch version also utilises 'HD Rumble', which is quite nice too - quite a strange (but not unpleasant) feeling when you can feel a tomato being chopped in the palm of your hands! ..all in all though, there's not too much difference between the two

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I see...
I guess my ps4 version of Overcooked will catch some dust.
Switch version here I come !

Top 8 Konami's Rhythm games:
1. Dance Dance Revolution
2. Para Para Paradise
3. DrumMania
4. Beatmania IIDX
5. Pop'n Music
6. KeyboardMania
7. Martial Beat

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@Anti-Matter thing I really like about the Switch version of Overcooked, personally, is the option of tabletop mode - because the multiplayer action isn't split-screen, it works really well in tabletop - and you've always got 2 controllers on you, so you can take to the kitchen anywhere, anytime you want!

..I'm not sure I'd be too keen on split-screen multiplayer games in tabletop mode (probably be a bit of a strain on my old eyes!) - but full-screen games like this work really, really well I think

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@MegaTen No problem. And yeah, it is easy to be totally overwhelmed with hype to the point that you either don't see a games flaws or just ignore them, at least at first, especially when it's an old and beloved series like Zelda. That definitely happened to me for a good while with BoTW.

I'm not trying to sound like a cynic or like I hate BoTW or anything, because I really don't. (I know you didn't accuse me of that. This is more for people who disagree with me) I just think they have a really good blueprint with BoTW, but only some of it was executed the way it should have been. For that reason, I have high hopes for the next Zelda game, and the ones after that. I just hope they get past this whole "everything must be as huge as possible" mindset, because that definitely hurt the game IMO, and has hurt many other open world games.

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I had a LOT of fun with BotW, but it's not the absolute "OMG BEST" because of a few things:

  • The four "dungeons" were really similar to each other and really short. They still had some puzzle elements, but otherwise they were disappointing.
  • Lack of enemy variety. More classic Zelda enemies like Like Likes along with new ones like Guardians would have made combat better.
  • Story was underdeveloped. What was there is cool, but there's just not enough of it!
  • Soundtrack was a tad too minimalistic. It works, but some more main tunes to listen to would be better.

There's some little things like we should be able to check the % of degradability on weapons, but those are minor. Otherwise, BotW is amazing to the point where I can look past those flaws and wholeheartedly recommend to anyone.

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I saw Zelda Bad Breath right from the start. A mediocre open world game with a splash of Zelda. Id rate it a 7/10. This makes nintendo fans super angry cause Zelda is precious to them. But believe me i do love some of the older Zelda games like Twilight Princess and OoT and Majoras Mask. Bad Breath was just another open world game for me. A collectathon with some slight Zelda elements and very little story.

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Zelda BOTW: 9.5/10 I thought I was more or less done with open world games for awhile, but leave it to Nintendo to bring my interest back to the formula. A fantastic single player campaign whose only minor issues were the lack of interesting NPC interactions outside of a few cases, and a combat system that could use just a little more refinement.
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: 9/10: I don't really have much to add here, when it comes to playing Mario Kart, it's probably finally surpassed Double Dash as my go to version. I miss DS's mission mode still, but the courses are top notch, and the physics are rather pleasing. I'd like different item balancing still and the return of DD's more crazy items, but it's distance based items instead of place based leave me frustrated far less often than in the older games.
Has Been Heroes: 8/10: Suprisingly addictive, I got this game as part of the bundle with the Switch. It took me a month and a half of BOTW and Mario Kart to open it up, but I've spent way too many late nights now just trying to get a little further.
Snake Pass: 8/10 I'm only through the first world here, and this is a rather bizarre game. I'll pick it up from time to time until I complete it though, so It's
Shovel Knight Treasure Trove: 9/10 - I've only played Plague Knight's campaign on this console, having done Shovel Knight's on Wii U. I went in expecting it to be reminiscent of my first playthrough, but Plague Knight's campaign ended up being surprisingly refreshing. I'm excited try King Knight's soon!
Blaster Master Zero: 9/10 - Haven't had time to get too far on this one, but what I've seen so far has been wonderful. I never got too far in the original so this remake is doing wonders for me.
Kamiko: 6/10: I enjoyed it but... it feels like one of those old Kongregate games more so than a refined professional experience. The art style is wonderful, but the gameplay is not that engaging.
Splatoon 2: 9.5/10 So much time has been spent into this. It's just a little better in every way than it's predecessor, a game I already sunk so much time into. The maps are better balanced, ranked is more fun to play, the single player is better, the new weapons are wonderful. I wish they did more with Callie and Marie, but Pearl and Marina are actually growing on me.
Wonder Boy in Monster Land: 7/10 - A fun game, the art and sound are all wonderful, but it's held back by being a 1:1 recreation of the original. It definitely needed some updated gameplay and level design to suit the times.
Cave Story +: 9/10 - I finally broke down and got this game after years, and I am enjoying it far more than I should probably. But somehow this game just feels really good to play, in a way I can't quite pinpoint
Lego City Undercover 7/10 - The game itself is wonderful, it's the most engaged I've been in the series since... probably Lego Island was released who knows how many years ago. I don't even mind the loading screens as they aren't that frequent. Unfortunately, what is frequent are the crashes. When you're two steps away from completing a level and the game crashes, it makes it hard to go back to it.



I never really understood the criticism that BotW felt "empty." I love how open and dispersed everything is in that game. Feels like you can point yourself in one direction and really get lost in the wilderness. What really seals the deal for me is that you can climb and explore pretty much anything.

It feels a LOT like survival mode Minecraft, actually. The giant, open world to get lost in. The environmental interactivity. The subtle, gentle musical cues. The importance of weather and its effects on the environment. A heavy emphasis on gathering and crafting materials. The sweeping landscapes. That feeling of starting from almost nothing at the beginning of the game.

As for the point of this thread... it's hard. Do I rate based on enjoyment or more objectively? If we're returning to the BotW example, it's easily my favorite game of the year. It's spell-binding. On an enjoyment level, it's an easy 10/10. But it also has too many issues for me to objectively rate it as a 10/10. If I'm being dispassionate, it's more of an 8.5/10, if anything.

Or the case of Fast RMX. I don't enjoy the game at all, because it's way too fast and intense an experience for me. I feel like I can barely react when I'm playing, and I'm constantly crashing into stuff. With that said, I also think the game is very good for what it is. Tons of well-crafted tracks. A variety of vehicles. Several gameplay modes that provide dozens of hours of gameplay for people who like this sort of thing. Gorgeous visual presentation. Decent HD rumble.

If I'm trying to rate it dispassionately, I'd probably give it a 9 out of 10 or higher, even though it's easily my least favorite game on the system so far.

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Oops. I may have started a Zelda bunfight. Apologies to @MegaTen and @KirbyTheVampire if the "nitpicking" accusation seemed unjustified - although I did also admit that scores are subjective, and so I shouldn't quibble. Your complaints are certainly valid, as are your scores and views.

For me, I loved BotW - that's my unbiased view. I understand that there are things it didn't offer that would/might have made it better (side quests, story, more complex dungeons, less emptiness, etc), but what it did offer still makes it the best game I've played in years. @Ralizah nails it: do you rate it subjectively (which is all anyone can ever do)? Or do you adjust the game's score according to how you feel it could have been improved or where it was a letdown? Either way, it's still going to be a subjective score.

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Alternative Reviews from my mate Dave.
Minecraft - 32% Not played it ever, but looks like it was made by some nutter who really liked the crowbar in Half-Life but didn't know how to graphics.

Zelda, Breath of the Wild - 28% Lost! HELP!! I've been wandering for days. The old man has sodded off.

Garou, Mark of the Wolves - 17% Not seen a single wolf. There was a bloke with the head of an eagle that freaked me out if I'm honest.

Shovel Knight - 42% I just don't dig it.

Thumper - 12% Eh?!?

Gonner - 22% Probably good if it had some graphics.

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I bought the Switch for just a handful of games I can only play on Nintendo, so my list is short.

BOTW - solid 9/10.
Mario Kart - 7/10 (starts to cheat in the 200cc class lol, so lowered score some).

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Before I start this, I'd like to say that my scale is that 1 is unplayable, 2 and 3 is very bad, 4 and 5 is mediocre to average, 6 and 7 is good to great, 8 and 9 is amazing, and 10 is a masterpiece.

Breath of the Wild: 9/10
Fast RMX: 6/10
Shovel Knight: 7/10
Snake Pass: 3/10
Ultra Street Fighter II: 5/10
ARMS: 7/10
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: 7/10
Splatoon 2: 8/10


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Zelda BotW - 10/10
MK8D - 10/10
ARMS - 9/10
Rayman Legends (demo only) - 8/10

Not sure what my next Switch purchase will be. I'm playing the waiting game for prices to come down. I've still got plenty of things to do in the above 3 games, plus I'm working on my backlog, so only what I consider essential (physical) purchases, as the above 3 are, are getting a look-in right now.

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