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I noticed playing Ys that my finger doesn't really like to ergonomically hold the L or R buttons, and will start shaking. Anyway I noticed and tested this from an ergonomic position that if the L and R buttons are held down, but slight pressure is reduced, the controller reads the button as having been released. Two other people confirmed that theirs did this as well. it isn't an issue when used like normal buttons, but if a game requires you to hold L and R it could make a difference.

I only noticed it when my finger would shake and it would release slight pressure on that button, causing it to act as if it was pressed again.

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I have the same issue, I think it gets worse the more you use the controller. I'm thinking about opening it up and cleaning the rubber contacts for the r and l button with contact cleaner to see if it helps. It is definitely annoying. It's different on different controllers also, as I tested two brand new pro controllers very sensitively and extensively seeing which is more sensitive and they were slightly different.



This thing happens to me sometimes on the GamePad, it's a shame that the Switch pro controller has this issue because it's very expensive and it's more pro than the GamePad which always felt a bit casual. I don't know if contacting Nintendo would help but I'd definitely try.



I think I've determined what causes this, at least with my controller, and I have a fix for it. It does require opening the controller all the way down to the button you're having an issue with. I'm not linking any teardown, so you'd need to find that yourself.

Anyway. The issue seems to actually be underneath the membrane switch for the button. To clarify more, the open area between the two contact pads for the switch (button switch, not the console lol) is elevated by something underneath. Since this is a fairly common issue from my searching, my speculation is that the bump is actually the injection point for the casting process of that plastic component. Probably placed under there to hide that point to give the part a more seamless look. Why that is important on the inside of the controller, only Nintendo knows I guess. The controller does seem to be designed with some ease of modification in mind though, so the only possible logic I can imagine that tracks.

My fix was simply to peel up one side of the membrane for the switch (in my case, only the L button) and stick a small piece of a sticker underneath that side. Literally just cut a tiny piece from something out of a Frozen sticker book my daughter has. This elevated the contact pad higher (at least on one side) than the little bump in the middle that causes the issue. Now no additional force is required for a button press to register.

I imagine you could peal up the whole membrane over that spot and file/chip/cutaway that tiny problem piece of plastic, but I didn't think that was necessary, so I just elevated one side with the sticker and it works perfectly.

Now here's hopin someone finds this that is both searching for a fix and understands my wordy explanation. XD

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