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After sinking my teeth into Crown Tundra, I’m more certain than before that there is a third wave of DLC coming. I have three reasons why I think this is the case...

1. To my knowledge, every official piece of marketing has labelled Isle of Armor as Wave 1 and Crown Tundra as Wave 2... with there being no mention of Crown Tundra being the final wave. That’s significant as the end of most dlc for Switch has been announced as such.

2. The map still remains cutoff. Before the DLC, Postwick sat above this map cutoff... now that Crown Tundra has released, it now rounds out the lower part, completing the southern portion of Galar’s island shape. If you move to the top left of the map, due west of Wyndon, there too is a stark cutoff of the map, ruining the full picture of the island. It makes sense that this is where a third dlc could take place.

3. The amount of Pokemon added who are not part of the main, IoA, or CT dex is fascinating. We can get Gen 3 and 7 starters in the game now, the legendaries, and some mythic. Whether this was Gamefreak’s plan from the beginning, or their backtracking to Dexit, I think they’re making all Pokemon available... both as part of a DLC’s micro dex and outside of it. The amount of Pokemon, outside of mythical and starters, would be about the amount needed to add previously unavailable Pokemon to a new DLC’s micro dex.

While these are my three main reasons... with a healthy dose of speculation, I also can’t help but recognise that Pokemon likes to work in threes... three starters... even the Pokédex screen seems to have room to add a third Pokédex slot comfortably to the UI. Lastly, IoA focused on Exploring and CT focused on Battling. Maybe a third DLC would focus on breeding/training your Pokemon.

Chime in! I’m always down to hear you’re theories, too!


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