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I was just wondering if there is a game or games very similar to oxenfree. I am looking for one that could be good as that one



I haven't played Oxenfree long enough to know exactly where the gameplay goes, but from what I played, I suggest:
Night in the Woods
Stick it to the Man
Flipping Death (not yet released)
Maybe Thimbleweed Park aswell, though it is a different kind of game, but it has comparable mystery-vibes.

The developers of Oxenfree are developing a new game about being in hell and outdrinking the devil: Afterparty.
Unfortunately it arrives on Switch in 2019, so you'll have to wait a while, but it looks really cool.

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Telltale Games' adventure series (about 10 titles)
Gone Home
White Knight
Kentucky Route Zero
Broken Age
Uncanny Valley
Dear Esther
The Turing Test
Thimbleweed Park
Pneuma: Breath of Life
Life is Strange

Oxenfree is in the adventure genre. Probably not what you were asking though, as people these days usually go "hey i'm looking for this style of game in this genre," and then dont care about the actual genre of game they are playing at all... just want something fartsy or easy. Also, not sure (care) which are actually available on the Switch as of now.

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@DarthSkunk Night in the Woods will not disappoint. Having played both I preferred Night in the Woods but Oxenfree is good to.


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