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If you live in Australia/NZ, chances are you know how bad internet can be round this part of the planet. Thus. adding randoms online is basically a roll of the dice as to whether or not you'll be playing with people who live even close to you and will have smooth connections.

This topic is for people in the general Oceania region to share friend codes, get multiplayer games going, and partake in general banter. Feel free to post 3DS/Wii U/netplay deets too for anyone else who might see this! I myself am a big fan of Splatoon 2, Doom, Rocket League (though I'm awful at it) and MK8, and will be hopping on Smash soon as it drops. Gonna be keeping my eyes out for fighters too ala Blazblue, and any major ports that might pop up.

My friend code is SW-7912-3951-1214. Let's play some games!

always wear protection kiddos. i wasn't wearing protection and now my joycon is stuck in the telly.

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