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I was going to get Nintendo Switch until I saw the commercial on tv. On one hand I agree with nintendo with getting outdoors & being active / healthy. On the other hand when I play video games I like sitting down & being relaxed as opposed to bouncing all over the place while playing video games like in the Nintendo Switch commercial. I'll probably not be ''Switching'' over any time soon.

I'll probably get another game system for the big screen in a few years. Right now I like my wii u & 3DS & want to get several more years out of both before upgrading again.

Should I eventually get PS4? Or just wait for PS5? Not sure if I'm sticking with Nintendo or not anymore to be honest.

I like my wii u & 3DS but wasn't really impressed over the years enough to make another upgrade...

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Who said you have to jump around outside? The whole point is that you can play any way you want, whether that's relaxed on your couch or outside. If a conventional gaming experience is what you want, the Switch is totally capable of that to the same degree as any other system out there, and it actually can do that better than the other systems in certain ways, due to the variety in controller options and the option of portability and such.

Whether you should get a Switch or not totally depends on the kind of games you play. Consider giving some insight on that in the main Switch thread, since the mods will probably lock this one.

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Well the good thing about it is that you can definitely sit down and relax since it plugs right into the TV. But if you don't want to get it, you don't have to. As for the other consoles, I think that depends on the kinds of games you enjoy playing



Hey there, please use one of the many existing threads to share your thoughts on the Switch or ask questions about the Switch. If everyone made a new thread explaining their situation and asking for advice, the forums would melt down!! Well.. maybe not, but you never know!

Here's the general thread for the Switch:


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