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So I found this video on Youtube today. What do you guys think of this videos topic?

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@mzn: "but to be exclusive only to Nintendogames and not buying third party games is something I can't understand"

Yes how dare these people buy and play only what interests them and not do exactly what I think is logical. They should buy 3 copies of every third party game next gen to make up for this unacceptable behaviour, and anyone who doesn't own GTAV is not a gamer and should be tossed into the Sarlaac Pit.

Yeah this video is rubbish is what I'm saying, go and make a cuppa tea people instead of watching it is my advice.



@TheLastLugia: I think the creator of this video do want to challenge the mindset of some Nintendofans that don't want to expand to other games, you know like not take a single step outside of your house or something like that. But I don't know, if someone don't have the taste for a certain game then it is hard to convince anybody of otherwise.

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A good games a good game. I like chess but I play it on a board.

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