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I don't understand the hate for the first No No Kuni, for me it was very enjoyable and easily worth the 120 hours I invested into it.

The only thing I agree with is that having to manually select every ally to defend himself is stupid and very difficult to do, but the option "defend all" is unlocked very early in the game.

The story was very engaging and the pacing felt pretty natural, I was always looking forward the next part of the story without feeling like getting stuck somewhere for too long.

I also really liked the mix between action and turn based RPG, as I am often not in the mood for full blown action RPGs but I also want something faster than turn based RPGs.

Overall, the first one was an 8/10 for me and I really liked the familiar system, so I am not sure I will get the second one, even though I hear good things about this port...



Any scuttlebutt on when they're going to fix the hour-count error? Came back Saturday evening after playing some Friday and leaving the system in sleep and had 24 hours logged in the game.



I also don't enjoy the "monster collecting" stuff in the first Ni no Kuni, but the combat gameplay is okay. The game shines with its art direction and music, no doubt, and the story is interesting as well with some pretty funny characters and moments! I need to take the time to finish it!

If there is no Pokémon-esque mechanics in the second entry, I might enjoy it even more



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