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I have been using this dock for the past week and I wanted let you guys know that is the dock that we (at least I) have been waiting for. Seems like the past year with crappy dock situation and odd debacles from youtuber reviews that the CHARJENPRO SWITCHUB wins hands down.

As a MacBook Pro (USB-C ports) user, I have been using CHARJENPRO Hub and Adapters for awhile and they finally recently released their own dock for the SWITCH. Finally bc I signed up for their warranty and email list and suppose to be released last month.

I can first attest that their products are great quality since they are made of metal but this dock is made of plastic so I was skeptical. But after receiving it, I can say it's well made and esp. hard and lightweight like the Nintendo Dock. Super easy to travel with since I can just throw it in my bag with all my cables without much bulk than the OG dock.

The graphics output is super clear and better on my 4K Sony HDTV. It look better than the Nintendo Dock's output.

Seems like they are getting legit reviews from SWITCH owners too on Amazon.

I do wish they included a HDMI cable and power adapter but using the original Nintendo ones works.

I have since replaced the one in my living room with this one and put the original dock into the bedroom for now. Let me know if you guys have any questions.

Think I'll gift one for my 10 year-old nephew and splat him playing Splatoon 2!...or maybe not since I need the advantage.


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