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I have an amazing theory about the NX. If it isn't true, I really wish it would be. So here it is:
(This is going to sound like the common rumors at first, but bear with me.)

Nintendo has by this point, if not all along, given up the idea that its late CEO seemed to indicate: two devices, one console and one handheld, but with the same games. They have instead made a hybrid handheld/console that is primarily a console. It's a tablet-like device with detachable controllers on the sides. When at home, it connects wirelessly to a box that will allow better/faster operation, better resolution, and amazingly smooth multiplayer (this is supported by Nintendo patents, just like many more details in this theory). You first buy the NX with the box hub and a tablet device (from now on referred to as "screen(s)"), but then you purchase additional screens if you want. When you take your screens on the go, gameplay is not as impressive as at home; the screens will have only okay graphics capability and may be slower. When wirelessly connected to the home hub, you can use your TV (also connected, with a cord, to the hub) as the main screen and it'll have great speed, graphics performance, resolution, etc., rivaling the PS4 and XB1, and the screen will be used in a way similar to the way the Wii U Pad is when the Wii U is played on a TV. You'll want to have your detachable controllers hooked up most of the time, especially at home, but there will be some app-like games where this is optional (Pokémon Go?!). There may also be a way to just buy extra detachable controllers and use only those during multiplayer mode, one in each hand and the infared signals being received by the hub box instead of the screen (see patents). Your friends can also bring their NX screens to your house to play multiplayer on your hub.

And here's where it gets really good: As anyone can tell based on recent news of new 3DS games, the 3DS isn't being phased out. The 3DS will remain the primary handheld. And the NX WILL use game cards, not discs. But it will also be "backwards" compatible with 3DS games. They will go into the same game slot, which will probably be on the NX screen. Although, Nintendo could opt for a second game card slot on the hub box for multiplayer; however this is unlikely. To continue with the current trend, many more Wii U games will be released for 3DS, such as Mario Kart 8. Popular/favorite games from the original Wii will be available digitally in the NX e-Shop. These will be compatible with old Wii Motion Plus controllers as well as the NX detachables.

Like I said, current and forthcoming 3DS games will be compatible with the NX. If you want to play them on the NX screen, both 3DS screen areas will appear against a black background, the bottom one responsive to touch (& stylus?) and the top one controlled by the detachable controllers. It'll be a lot like a 2DS, so think of it that way if it helps. Now if you want to play 3DS games on the TV screen, the top screen will be visible only on the TV screen and the bottom screen will be visible only on the NX screen. You can touch the bottom one still, and the top one is still controlled by the detachable controllers. Regular Nintendo DS games may even be supported!

The reason for all this is that Nintendo still wants to keep a dedicated handheld (for the portability factor, at least) and doesn't want to leave the customers who love 3D in the dark. 3DS games will continue to be made and the 3DS will continue to be supported. 3DS games will help the NX get popular even before it has a ton of dedicated games, but there will be no shortage of these, either. Some NX titles will also be released for 3DS, but NX games will have a slightly higher price point of about $60 due to their premium quality and better functionality on the NX. (The people who buy, say Pokémon Lava or something for the 3DS just to save money on the NX version will have the cost of lower quality and that split-screen-ish feature that will probably get slightly annoying.)

Thus, Nintendo's late CEO's idea of games made for both console and handheld has evolved nicely to include the 3DS and not make people choose between a handheld NX and a console NX.



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