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Hey there ladies and gents! We are currently working on a Switch port of a well acclaimed board game Istanbul. The setting is the titular city of Istanbul, more accurately its marketplace the surroundings of thereof. Players become merchants in the bustling streets of the city competing with each other over who will gather and transform resources into Rubies - effectively victory points and ultimately victory via gathering certain amount of them.

It’s, for those savvy with the board game lingo, effectively a Euro game - similar in it’s basic concepts to Monopoly and such, albeit noticeably more strategic and way less prone to random chance. Players need to plan their moves or else they might find themselves in spot difficult to come back from. Planning your paths is everything, as aside from resources you need to manage your assistants - minions of sorts that you need to leave or take from a board tile you wish to interact with. Without assistants available you just have to spend your turn to move to the fountain where you can recall all of them, and wasting turns is no bueno in a game like this.

It’s a strategic game, the rules of which are easy to pick up, but they’re hard to master and playing a game efficiently is a skill that can only come with time and experience.

What’s also cool is that for Switch specifically we’re adding a bunch of animation to the board tiles, that will make the entire thing just look really nice. So that’s nice

Anyway, please let us know if and how are you actually interested in the idea of playing a digital board game on your Switch! Any suggestions? Ideas? We're open to anything!



Sounds awesome. Good luck.



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