Topic: Is Smash World Out Yet?

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I know in the recent "update video" smash world was announced to be released today, but on the nintendo switch online app i could not figure out how to access it. Is it released yet? do i need to activate it somehow?

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I don't think it's out just yet. According to something I saw on Twitter there's due to be server maintenance finishing at 9pm EST / 2am BST, so that's presumably when version 3.0 and Smash World will launch.

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What's funny is last night the app asked ke to update. Apparently it had to update to the one that came out in February. Despite using it since then.

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Nothing showing up yet for me. It’ll be under game specific services right?



The update is launching in Japan on the 18th, so I assume it'll be night time in the Muricas

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