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I've been looking for the ideal portable power pack for the switch and it seems there is a lot of good info out there but almost all of the recommendations I see are of power packs that can't power the switch in dock mode. I understand a lot of people will not really understand why you would want to do this but if you're like me and wonder why you wouldn't want to do this then keep these things in mind when looking for a portable power pack for your switch.

15v 2.6amp(ideally 3amp) usb c OUTPUT
This ensures max charging speeds and you can power your Nintendo dock without getting the "use the cable that came with your switch" message

Make sure that you are using 56 ohm usb c to usb c cables without any adapters. Usb a or b to c adapters will bottleneck your power draw. If you don't use a 56 ohm usb c cable then you could damage your switch.

Make sure your power pack has passthrough charging. This enables you to plug your power pack into the wall and your switch dock into the power pack. Any power that your switch isn't using will be used to charge your power pack for the next day.

Now if you are travelling with your switch dock you don't need to carry around the Nintendo switch plug.

It seems frivolous to some but consolidating uses for all my cables and power packs makes my bag lighter.

I'm not going to recommend any specific battery so good luck finding one that fits your needs. Hope this helps.

15v+ 2.6amp+ usb C OUTPUT! No usb a or usb b involved at all! (Even at the wall plug)

56ohm usb c to usb c cables only!

Passthrough charging

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So all that to save a 1sq inch space when packing? You never really addressed why someone would want to do this. I thought maybe in a car, but there’s power inverters. I thought maybe if fake camping with a tv, but then there’s a genny. Why would you want to power a dock on the go?


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Like I said at the start there are going to be people who read this and think why? And people who read this and think why not. I'm saving space in my bag, you can call it negligible but to me it is not. The purpose of this post is to add functionality to something that most people consider a necessity for travel, a battery pack. This is advice I would give to anyone with a switch looking to buy a battery pack.

The other purpose of this post is because I see so many websites recommending wimpy battery packs outputting maybe 5v 3amps which is weak and a terrible battery pack for your switch imo. There are good resources explaining why you need 15v 2.6amp to power your dock but nobody has put the two together to explain how a portable power pack can also power your dock at night and charge itself for tomorrow at the same time.

I understand to some this is already a given but I haven't found the info put together like this.

And again I'll stress there are so many sites recommending sub 15v 2.6amp power packs specifically to be paired with a switch. Imo that is a bad recommendation.



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