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I noticed a change recently. I beat Xenoblade Chronicles 2 on my OG switch and was playing a mix between docked and handheld, even though I didn't enjoy the game that much.

I ended up beating it in handheld mode with youtube / Netflix playing in the background, and man... It was a good experience especially as a console gamer!!

I then finished up the Pokemon Sword story, beat Sakuna of Rice of Ruin, Atelier Ryza 1, and now working my way through Atelier Ryza 2 on my Switch Lite and I'm loving it.

The ability to change positions when playing / change seats / watch some youtube while grinding.. I finally get it now.

Recently also bought Dragon Quest Builders 2 even though I own a copy on PS4

Anyway, for those who feel the same way, which game made you realise that you prefer the handheld experience on the Switch over the traditional console experience?



I have a lot of video game machines, both Nintendo and Sony.
I have Wii for playing Wii and Gamecube games, Wii U, Switch, PS2 Slim Japan, PS2 Fat USA, PS3 Slim, PS4 Slim.
For handhelds, i have four 3DS XL machines in 3 different regions, 1 NDS Lite for playing GBA games.

My gaming habit sometimes changed depend on my mood.
On year 2018 and 2019, i played Switch games a lot in handheld mode.
But on year 2020, i went back to console style as i built my PS3 games library. For Switch, i played in docked a lot during 2020 as i played ACNH on year 2020.
This year is pretty much same, console style again for Wii U, PS3 and PS4.

I have Dragon Quest Builders 2 both PS4 and Switch version too, but I have finished the PS4 version while I still in chapter 1 for Switch version.
They have very significant difference.
I still prefer PS4 version for 60 fps while Switch version was 30 fps.
And from control scheme, the placement of PS4 and Switch version were totally opposite, I prefer PS4 button scheme than the Switch version.

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6. KeyboardMania
7. Martial Beat

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@Kalvort Ya I got a ps4 and junk but I end up buying the same game I have on other consoles I just love playing any time anywere. but I can never pick wich one I really want to play on so I go back and forth alot.

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I've always preferred the relative freedom of handheld gaming, but, until now, the power disparity between portable consoles and home consoles was too great to bridge, and you just ended up with less ambitious games on handhelds. The power gap is obviously still there, but it has narrowed. The gap between the portable experience and the home console experience is now primarily down to performance.

I was playing The Witcher 3 on my Lite while I was fixing dinner for the family, and it occurred to me how wild an idea that was. Imagine going up to a 3DS owner in 2015 and telling them that in a few years, they'd be playing one of the biggest home console RPGs of the generation on the next Nintendo handheld.



I wouldn't say I prefer the Switch? I'm generally agnostic towards console preference because I own all the hardware I need for everything this past gen anyway and can easily adapt from playing on the couch on my PS4, to gaming on my PC, to playing my Switch in bed

I guess part of it is I never really used the Switch for its full intended purpose. I just treat it like a handheld and that's pretty much it excluding multiplayer games like Smash and Splatoon

You know what I do like though? The Switch Pro Controller. If its d-pad was more clicky and it had a headphone jack it could've easily ended up as my favorite controller of the past generation, but the DualShock 4 beats it for the time being


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When I was younger, home consoles were always my primary way of gaming with handhelds being secondary but that completely flipped around with the 3DS. Now with the Switch, there's hardly a reason to ever use my TV to play games unless I'm playing local multiplayer.


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Kalvort wrote:

Anyway, for those who feel the same way, which game made you realise that you prefer the handheld experience on the Switch over the traditional console experience?

Oh sonny boy, let me take you back... The game that confirmed such suspicions for me was FIFA 13 on the Wii U. It was pretty much the first Wii U game I put any time into, and nearly all of it was playing on the gamepad screen instead of the TV.

The Wii U's off-TV play was a major selling point for me because I'd identified that being tied to a TV/Monitor was a big reason I wasn't getting as much out of my GameCube/Wii/PC as I wanted to.

But, let me go all reversi on y'all for a moment... It was taking my Switch to a hotel with me and docking it to a big TV (biggest screen in my house is 32") to play Breath of the Wild that reminded me how nice a bit of large screen play can be.

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@BenAV I do like the portability of the Switch, I just wish all my Joy cons hadn't come down with the dreaded drift issue.

The only downside with Switch is the performance of some games. There's a been a few times where I've regretted getting them on Switch instead of PS4.



@Kalvort I love handhelds therefore I love the Switch.

BUT the ability to "switch" from handheld to TV and vice versa almost instantly with such ease is amazing!


I still very much prefer console style. I also don't find the Switch that comfortable to play in handheld mode. But I still do sometimes and it's just so nifty being able to switch between the two whenever you desire. Been doing so since I got my launch system.


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Tend not to use handheld mode all that much but I did however make great use of it when Odyssey came out, and I was that engrossed in the game that I couldn't put it down.

I took my Switch to work each day and played it using handheld mode in my office all day with the door shut. At that time I thought how bloody good is this!

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It's easy to ignore the PS5 and XSX while there's only half a dozen exclusive, "new" games between both platforms. But that'll change as time goes on. Sony's previously announced 2021 games will gradually roll out. And MS's twenty-something-or-other development studios will serve up games a few years down the road.

The Switch is cool for right now, but that ssd in the PS5 and XSX changes expectations for the Switch successor.

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I have always loved handheld. But yeah, especially with the WiiU. I rarely played that on TV and even less here with the Switch.



I used to use a P.C. with steam and G.O.G. to d indie games. But I quit that since I own a Nintendo Switch. I like the instant sleep mode, just playing anywhere, the ease of use. I even like some the physical releases of indie games like Cat Quest, Stardew Valley, Crypt of the Necrodancer etc.


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@Kalvort I have been in love with the Switch since I brought it home on release day. XD The simple brilliance of the hybrid concept is just perfect for me. I can and do regularly switch between docked and undocked modes and I really enjoy both. And the Switch has such an amazing library of games that I can't remotely keep up. I haven't played my PS4 seriously since before Switch released.

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The main reason why NSW is selling so well is this the Hybrid nature of the console. It doesn't have 1st games but there plenty of libraries for it that doesn't matter. People like to trash Switch because it doesn't have 4K but then again those other console use upscale 4K not true 4K those require a GPU in a Gaming PC/Laptop to pump those pixels out. And even then True 4K is pushing the PC gaming rig - unless its purely optimized just for gaming and that you can see the $$$ rising. So don't believe when they say xbox/psxx can 4K that is upscale 4K not true 4K otherwise they would have a meltdown from the GPU power draw. Those designs aren't made with cooling running 4K all day long.

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I got XSX, gaming laptop, iPad, and switch. I use the switch the most. Just love Nintendos exclusive games.

Play mostly everything. 😊


The Switch is the most powerful portable system ever released. For a portable, it has amazing graphics. I don’t compare a portable to PC gaming rig - that’s just silly.

The PSVR is the best VR system on the market today.


There are multiple third party games that are the best sellers year end and year out. Most of them are not available on a Nintendo console. As great as the switch is Nintendo has work to do. When those games are made available then I can say I prefer switch to other consoles.



For me, it’s not about exclusivity or superiority of some kind...but price and convenience.

It doesn’t matter if someone is using the TV or if I even have one. It doesn’t matter where I am, I have everything I need to play the games that matter to me, for super cheap.

I really wish they would figure out their joycon problem though. Go back to analog if you have to. I never noticed some great advantage to digital sticks that we all pay the price of drifting.

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