Topic: I really hope they never EVER do this crap again (Mario Tennis Aces)

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I hate BS in Mario Tennis, I hate the powers, the BS event courts, the BS insta win shots and insta defence shots, everything like that I detest, it just isn’t fun.

I play MT for regular straight tennis as it’s some of the best arcade tennis ever created.

So I knew going into MTA I’d have to do the horrific single player where I play not only as a character I hate but a low level one I have to grind with to get better, I’m 2 bosses in and I want to bray my head off a wall.

I’ve actually gotten good at all the crap I’m gonna turn off for our local session, the BS motion aiming and super shots and all that crap, but the Mirror boss, my smegging god is that some BS!

I can return the BS racket breaking shots 9-10 times but on the mirror, everyone failed, EVERY ONE!

So what did the mirror do? 12-13 shots on the final phase were BS racket breaking shots.

So after much failing (partly due to the fact that Toad says if rackets break you need to get them again which again is BS as you get them back if you win, great useful heads up there ya mushroom douche) I then finally beat this awfulness and go onto a shy guy level where they throw snowballs, racket breaking snowballs come at me, I hit 9-10 of them back perfectly with no damage to the racket.

Why the hell would they make a boss like this? I literally was letting the ball touch me before returning serve and I was being told “too early”.

Whoever designed this BS needs his butt kicking as it sucks all fun out of a game when to play it locally you have to grind through an awful mode unless you want to play every damn match with identical characters and a basic grass green court 😡😡😡

Rant over.



Please join the the Mario Tennis Aces thread for future rants.


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