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I am interested in possibly getting Human Fall Flat for Switch, as I have never played it, but I was wondering if it will include the online multiplayer feature. I searched but couldn't find anything about it.

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Wait, Human Fall Flat is coming, too? Why hasn‘t anybody told me about this? Never‘ve played it but from the gameplay I‘ve seen (mostly Jacksepticeye) it looks hilariously funny. Wished there was online co-op, too, but it doesn‘t seem like there’s one, at least not yet, according to the american Nintendo site:

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Local co-op only.

Local co-op is reasonably fun, but to be honest the game is kinda infuriating to control. I don´t mind odd control schemes if they make sense. For example, I think Snake Pass is perfect for what it is trying to do (emulate snake movement), but this is just horrible. The mechanics haven´t been implemented well in the game, so simple stuff becomes obnoxious.

The game does have its charm though, so if you plan on playing local co-op then I´d recommend picking it up whenever it is on a [good] sale. If not, then maybe skip it and buy something else instead.


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