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So that TinyBuild show earlier today confirmed six new games coming to Switch, the biggest of which is easily Hello Neighbor. I've got the trailers for each game below. It's definitely nice to see so many cool indie games coming to Switch.
Hello Neighbor:

Cluster Truck:
Streets of Rogue:
The Final Station:
Party Hard:
Punch Club:

Mario Galaxy is ten years old, and now I feel old.


Hello Neighbor is a nice addition. Cool game. Just saw its physical release advertised on Amazon.

Asphalt 9 / Siege Engine FTW


I hear everybody who‘s played the game says it ain‘t so hot. Wonky physics, platforming in a game that‘s not made for it, convoluted puzzles.

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Hello Neighbor: I heard the game isn't actually that good, so I'll probably pass...

Clustertruck: This game seems like a lot of fun. I might pick it up.

Streets of Rogue: TBH, I already have Enter the Gungeon and I'm thinking I'll just stick with that rather than get another very similar rogue like.

The Final Station: I guess this could also be classified as a rogue like, but this seems very unique, and something I would really dig. I'll probably grab this at some point.

Party Hard: I like stealth games, but this is too gory for me. Pass.

Punch Club: Seems cool, but if I'm playing on a console/computer, I'd rather have a game where I'm actually doing stuff rather than being an onlooker. It seems like something I would play on a phone, but not much else.


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Hello Neighbor is the only game I plan on getting. Despite all the bad reviews, the Switch version might have any bugs or tech issues fixed. I also like the games all the game companies and some players dislike or hate.



Hello Neighbor coming on 27th July to the PAL eShop.


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