Topic: Has NX supporting amiibo ever been announced?

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Or hinted at? Anything along those lines?

Vice versa, were amiibo ever specifically referred to in a way to suggest they would be ending with Wii U software, etc?

My take on it is that essentially every single amiibo is underused from a software standpoint, and with Wii U appearing to be winding down, I would hope/assume support would continue into the NX. I know I assume the NX is a home console, or not an operating system, yada yada, whatever theories there are. For the sake of this question ,I'm assuming NX is either:

1.) Solely a home console


2.) A home console / handheld hybrid

A strictly handheld successor would actually be just as applicable, but handhelds just personally don't appeal to me, so I'm curious as to whether amiibo is something I'm interested in buying, as I would only be interested if they will be supported throughout the NX lifecycle as much, or more so, than they are with wii u software.



I can't see Amiibo going anywhere given how well they've sold. I can see them having support for Amiibo on every single piece of gaming hardware they release. I wouldn't at all be surprised if down the road they even add mobile support.

As for Amiibo working across one game or not. Well, we already know that each Amiibo is part of a category. Even if you get a Yarn Yoshi Amiibo the games that support "Yoshi" will still read that Amiibo as a Yoshi. So as long as Nintendo exists I suspect that your Mario Amiibo will continue to do something. Whether or not they do things with the obscure characters? It's harder to know. But I think it's fair to assume that if they support the character and you have that character it will still work.

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@LetsGoRetro: It's not confirmed. Considering, however, the money they make, I don't think Nintendo is going to abandon amiibo quite soon.



Considering it's success on sales, it's 100% Guaranteed that the Amiibo is going be on NX for sure. (even tho Nintendo has yet confirmed it,) i would be shock if it didnt.

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No, Amiibo support hasn't been confirmed. But seeing how almost nothing has been confirmed about it, I wouldn't worry yet. The tech is so cheap they might as well throw it in.

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DefHalan wrote:

The tech is so cheap they might as well throw it in.

Very much this. They're selling the 3DS NFC reader "puck" for $29AU retail so it can't be that expensive.

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I think they should have on both console and handheld while on the handheld it a symbol but on the NX controller it built on to the left part of the controller


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No. Nothing has been announced. By this point, I think we need a banner that declares so.

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