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This new f2p game just came out recently on PS4, Mobile, PC and Switch soon.
I have played through the first few hours of it on my PS4 and I’m really enjoying it so far.

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Alot of people besides you are as well. I got it on PC and like to transfer my data to Switch but I doubt that will happen. So I will have to reply my levels again but since I am playing on the PC at [email protected] that might look different on Switch. But I would like my info transferred over that would make the restart easier.



I'm hoping the Switch version will offer an offline mode.

The game seems quality, but I'm put off by "live service" games these days.

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I'm looking forward to giving it a shot myself. Not crazy about always needing an online connection but either way. Looks solid. I watched spawnwaves video talking about it and he says it feels like botw only slightly( the climbing the gliding and the towers)..after that its pretty much its own thing.



Magician wrote:

The game seems quality, but I'm put off by "live service" games these days.

Your not the only one thinking that here...they better offer online gaming since honest gamers don't cheat. Maybe we might get Genshin Amiibos. I can live with that. This is why I don't Steam/GOG anymore. COD WWII was the last game I will buy for that. I don't want to run Steam app just to play the game-it update every time and just waste my time to just enjoy the game.

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I agree: one of the reasons I have a Switch is that I don't want to play videogames with complete strangers online. I don't understand the point of that. I'd rather play against computer AI. I was initially attracted to Genshin Impact when it was presented as a traditional action-RPG in the vein of Zelda, but now that they've revealed its true nature, I've lost interest. I stay away from "free" games, because I expect them to have paywalls. I'd rather pay 60 dollars and get a full game in exchange. That way, I actually know how much the game costs. "Free" games can cost anything - they're usually a ploy to get kids to pay regularly.



It seems to be a nice game and its free after all, so really no trouble in buying it. I thought the Coop would be better though so now i will probably not get to it, knowing that at some point there is gonna be that hideous gacha system. However i heard it is worth at least 40 hours of fun gameplay and then if you are the patient type you can continue playing. You only really lose something if you start paying for these games but apparently quite a few people get hooked when i see how much money miHoYo already earned... personally i don't approve of this kind of system although this time it is really easy to get a lot out of the game. Really though, if only Coop would have been decent i probably would have played it a lot.

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