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Hi guys,

Bought a Switch Oled the other day and loving it so far. The only issue I'm having is that I can't connect to the eShop.

The weird thing is, I only have this problem on my network, on my friends network it's fine. What make it's weirder is that when I carry out an internet test all seems ok, and I can even play online (i've been playing Pac-Man), so the issue seems to only be with the eShop. I've tried the following to resolve it:
1) Checked the status notification page
2) Restarted the Switch
3) Power cycled the Switch
4) Toggled flight mode off/on
5) Changed the DNS settings to and

Nothing seems to work. Has anyone else come across this issue and have any idea how to resolve?




@BH1983 You've done everything right so far. The only other thing listed on the troubleshooting page is removing electronics, like cell phones, and metal objects from near the Switch & router, which I'm not sure is your issue, but if you contact Nintendo, they'll surely ask if you done all the steps. Contacting nintendo is your next step, in case they have another trick up their sleeve that's not on the support page.

For the past year, at least, nintendo support UK's phone number was hidden, but you could find it at the bottom of the email form on Nintnedo's contact page for your region, UK/EU. Although, since September, I (in the US) can no longer access that form to confirm the number is still available.

So, use nintnedo uk contact page, it'll make you select your country/region then a category or two. If the number isn't at the bottom of the email form, go back and change the reason/help category is "Other". If that doesnt yeild a phone number, maybe they removed the phone number again (they pulled it once before spring 2020, beginning of pandemic).

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Did you restart your router? How updated is the firmware on it? Sometimes Router can cause the issue since said other then that your Switch works fine on your friend's wifi. What kinda Router are you using Model/Make?

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