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Does anyone else think they should add snapmap to doom for the switch? I think they should even if they have to put it on a completely seperate game card.



I wouldn't be against having it available as a download. But myself, I probably wouldn't make a ton of use out of it. Unless I played other user created stuff. I never used Forge on Halo for the most part.



My main hope for Doom is that they separate the patch/patches from the multiplayer mode and allow us to delete that mode. There's no need for it to be forced on us. Yes the game can technically be played without the download but you need to go into airplane mode and then play the unoptomised version. I've not been playing the multiplayer mode so I would like to have the 8gb it uses back. Even if I was playing it, I wouldn't be in 1 or 2 years from now, yet I still need to have that mode taking up space in my storage.

That and I wish they would fix that damn sound bug. That's 2 month now the game has been out, I've no faith it'll ever be fixed. They done an amazing job with porting Doom and Rocket League but their ignorance to that sound bug and several other common bugs that thankfully haven't affected me, means they've lost a little respect from me. Why should I then have the faith to buy Wolfenstein 2 day one and feel confident any issues that will be there will be fixed by them? The bug may not be game breaking but it's definitely immersion breaking. It's happens every time on the 5th stage and that's one the difficulty is kicked up a notch. I ended up taking a break from it assuming it would be fixed but now it's been so long, it's taken me out the game. I feel like I'd need to start over again to get right back into it like I was before. One of the other bugs I've read about is folk not even being able to get past the title screen when starting the game for the first time, due to a glitch. All you need to do to get around it is fully power off your Switch and it'll be gone but still,Panic Button have said they were aware of it 2 months ago. Them not even patching that issue is unacceptable!

It stands to reason that by making sure Doom runs as well as it possibly can would help ensure consumer trust and with it better sales for their future ports/games. That said, I will be buying Wolfenstein 2 day one and I have faith it will be another (nearly) amazing port from them.

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