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Suddenly while we were playing the dock stopped working. The green light wont go back on no matter what we do. We've done the power cycling and the correct plug order and still nothing, no green light, no tv connection. The switch itself works fine and the power cord/ac adapter is able to charge the switch itself. Help!



@Birdie77 It's not the order that's important, it's about unplugging everything and letting it sit for 30 seconds. I'm assuming you've done that, if you're following nintendo supports directions, but since you're still stuck, I figured I'd say something, for the sake of being thorough. Forgive me if nothing below is new to you.

This page goes one step further figuring out if your ac adapter has gone bad. Be sure to check each of the 3 outcomes at the bottom of the page.

If nothing resolves your issue, that likely indicates some sort of hardware failure, be it dock, switch, ac adapater.

Nintendo support contact page

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