Topic: Do you think we will ever get the ability to sell digital games to another person?

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They think that because it does. Do you know what a store like Gamestop does with the money from used game sales? They use it to support their business which includes purchasing new games from publishers to keep their stores stocked. It's a win for everybody.

Here's the thing, I want the money to go to the company that made the product, not the ones who are selling it. It's one of the big reasons why I'm such a supporter of digital downloads since I know that most of that money is going directly to the developers and publishers.

Don't kid yourself. Digital shops are taking a cut of the purchase, then publishers take their cut, and then developers get their cut, depending on their agreement with the publisher — in some cases, developers are given a certain amount up-front with additional payments tied to milestones, such as "Earn a minimum score of 8.5 on Metacritic" or "Sell X number of copies in the first week". If you think buying digitally means the developer gets more money then you're just fooling yourself.

When it comes to physical purchases, once the game box lands on a store shelf, the publisher has already been paid by the store. That's how it works: the shop buys from the publishers and then tries to turn a profit by selling to the public. That's one of the reasons stores like GameStop push pre-sales, because they don't want to eat the loss on unsold product.

I already knew that. I made sure to type "most of that money" in the post to tell the reader that they don't receive 100% of the profit. Didn't want to overly complicate of what I wanted to say.


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Why whould you want to sell a digital game?

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It'll never happen unless consumer laws change, and that power ultimately lies with the people.

The corporations themselves, however, would never be willing to allow such a practice.

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So buying unused games supports the executives who run the companies who publish games.
Pre-owned do not.

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Yes there are people that sit on top of it all and earn money.
Without executives and investors company do not run and games do not get made.

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Do you think that the store buy it at the same price?

Of course not, but the markup is only a few percent. Stores like GameStop usually have razor thin profit margins on new sales. Used sales is where they make the real money because the markup is much larger.

And, yes, buying used from GameStop does support the industry, as I said, because they use part of the revenue from used sales to buy new product which directly benefits the publisher and developer.

That depend where or not enough new-sales as made to keep the publisher and developer afloat.
And Pre-owned take away from new-sales making the publisher and developer more vulnerable.

Not to mention that the money earned from a Pre-owned sell do not necessarily goes to buying a new game from the same publisher or developer.
The Pre-owned could be a Mario-game. but the sell from the Mario found the purchase of a new PS4 games.
Or perhaps the money goes to the executives and investors of the store.

In short by buying pre-owned you may not be support the creators of the games you like.
The money could go to the people you hate the most.

Buy new ensures that at least some of the money goes to the creators of the games you like



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