Topic: (discussion) Things you want on switch right now or very near future and stuff for online service?

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I want to see what dedicated (and non dedicated) switch fans want to see on their switch were talking from system update features to applications to future games! and what they should have ready for us with online service

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All I want is folders, like how they're available on the 3DS. I have different categories of games I'd like to sort and separate. ACA Neo Geo games, retail games, downloaded games, partial downloaded games (Doom and L.A. Noire), apps, etc.

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Activity log (like on 3ds) would be nice...

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Home screen themes, I spend more time on there then I think I do



Bigger GPU which might cook the Switch in the process.....But at least a higher GPU to give better Graphics - a mobile GTX1070Ti might be a stretch. More Storage RAM not the measly 32gigs at least 250gigs.

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Well there are reasonable wants and unreasonable wants.

Reasonably, I want folders, an activity log, home menu themes and video apps YouTube, Twitch and Netflix.

Unreasonably, I want the only service to quickly bring games in from NES through Gamecube era. By quickly, I would like to start seeing Gamecube titles by Christmas this year. I want the only service to really feel superior to VC, like a real replacement as Reggie claimed. The reason I think this is unreasonable is because I just don't think there is more than a 5% chance it will happen.

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The ability to purchase classic games and not rent them.



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