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So I've Decided to come up with a Nintendo NX Controller Concept and am worried about this controller failing like the Wii U Gamepad did. Looking at other ideas for how the NX Controller could look like, I have seemingly gotten to an important crossroads on what I could do for
my Concept.

Here is why I've Come to you guys to help decide on what my innovative controller concept should look like.
There are many Ideas I've thought up, but it's best I put it up to you guys to vote on what Is the best idea for the Console.
I thought since Nintendo is looking for a much greater relationship between the Gamer and the Console, I felt that It should be up to you guys to decide on what it should look like.

With you guys' help, You'll be able to help shape my very concept in an either Positive or Negative way.
As a matter of fact, In the end, I hope the controller is a good balance of making the console extremely simple to develop for while being extremely new. I also hope it does the opposite of what the Wii U did, which is to allow Hardcore gamers and Casual gamers to feel welcome to play games on the Nintendo NX without feeling like their gaming interests aren't fulfilled.

When This all comes to an end and the voting process has been completed I'll take the Top 5 best ideas and integrate them into my concept.
That doesn't stop there as you can always input ideas in the Thread as well!

Then, when we've reached a general consensus on what we want, I'll design the controller and later on through the thread I'll post my Controller design for you guys to critique. I may or may not redesign it to reflect your changes.

The poll will be down below,

Results will be here as well to show the general consensus so far,

Eventually, whatever is come up with will become the basis of what the General Nintendo NX Concept including the Console design, will be, how it will function/work and what It'll look like.

Hopefully this is eventually, a good representation of what we want in a Nintendo Console.
That way, we can help show Nintendo what we truly think they should do!

Also, I thought it would be interesting to see you guys' thoughts as the NX may very well be an Interesting console and I have voiced interest in concepting it before.


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