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So recently playing Crash Bandicoot on the Nintendo Switch I notice the blue controller does its own thing like it moves crash by itself and I have no idea why. The controllers work perfectly fine until now where the blue controller does its own thing.

It is quite annoying when your trying to play harder games and die from something the controller did. Just wondering if you guys know how to fix it or I need to buy a new controller.



Sounds like you have the neon blue joy-cons (joy-cons are the controllers that come with your Switch). You're likely experiencing the joy-con drifting problem, I've had that issue myself too. That can be caused by wireless signals, try turning off things like wireless printers or cell phones and see how it plays out.

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Hey @Dr_dreads
Search "joy-con drift", or "switch controller drift". I think spawnwave did a YouTube vid on it? Other people have covered the issue, too. I think its caused by debris getting into the analogue stick contacts? I had a the same issue with my pro controller: 2yr old pro controller, left analogue stick started giving me phantom input. I think the circumstances that cause are different on joy-cons vs pro controller. In my case i had to buy a new pro controller. I was too nervous to open up my analogue stick to fully access the contacts - didn't want to break it. I'm under the impression that the joy-con may be an easier fix.

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@MarioLover92 Only wireless things I got in my room are is my Wii U and Cell phone. I will turn them off but not sure how they could effect the controllers but thank you for the help.

@Woomy_NNYes Thank you. I will search it up and hope to fix it before super mario maker 2 comes out. Also sorry to hear you had to buy a new controller.



@Dr_dreads Check our the Nintendo Switch general thread, the last four or five pages. Some of us have been talking about drift and what we did for home remedies.

And you’re right, the drift has nothing to do with wireless signals. It’s a mechanical issue


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@HobbitGamer Thanks for the tip.

I think the controller fixed by itself as I just reset the controllers.



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