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I did not find a thread about this so I made one

So is anyone excited for the Switch becoming a drawing tablet? I know it will not be as good as a real drawing display but it is awesome! People will make so many great art on this!

It comes with a pen and even have the functionality for 2 people to draw together!
Another great thing is that it will have a physical version as well not only the pen!
You also have a quest mode where you improve your drawing skills

Even though I have drawing tablets I think I might purchase that for the unique/exclusive factor!

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I backed this on Kickstarter so have had the pen and software for a while, but hardly used it to date. When it shipped there were still features in the pipeline but not implemented and so I pretty much decided to just leave it a while until it was more complete. I'm more of an aspiring artist rather than an artist, so it's not like I'm dabbling daily in this sort of thing.

I'm a bit pissed that there's now a physical release. Seems Kickstarter backers just get early access to some incomplete software and then two fingers a few months later. If the pen was integrated to the device in the same way the DS stylus was then it kinda makes sense to have the software always installed, but as the pen isn't integrated, it still depends on you having something physical with you whenever you want to paint.

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Much like KORG Gadget, I'd rather spend $50 on something other than a glorified MS Paint application.

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That's really underselling what this application is.

The drawing part of the application is fairly robust in that it will record a timeline of your drawing process, so you can watch how something was produced.
It supports multiple layers and brush types, and has pressure sensitivity support.
Then you have the online gallery where you can share your works and view others, and get ratings and feedback. Your work may even get featured.

On top of that, the software itself has its own adventure mode where it guides you on drawing techniques with daily challenges.

Just dismissing it as "a glorified MS Paint application" is really unfair.
I got the thing as a Kickstarter backer and it's impressive, though the pen peripheral itself I worry that the pen nib is particular fragile, you need to be careful with it.
There was a technical issue that affected specific older, launch models of the Nintendo Switch where the 3.5mm headphone port connection would sometimes fail to detect that the SonarPen was plugged in. If that doesn't work you don't get proper pressure sensitivity, as it cleverly makes use of audio data to tell the Switch how much pressure you're applying to the stylus.



@RupeeClock For a Switch game hearing that it supports Pressure Sensitivity stylus, Layers, Brush Types and record the drawing process it is pretty good!

After all it is not for hobby or professional artists but it sure looks fun. And comparing it to garbage like 1-2 Switch and some Labo crap (hobo home building before playing) ... at least this is creative.




Fair enough.

I just accept that I don't want to spend money on something I'll never engage with.

Switch Physical Collection - 737 games (as of June 15th, 2021)
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The pen does work really well, it’s truly pressure sensitive.

I had some problems while I was testing it though, sometimes my lines would just get undone before I had time to lift the stylus. I’m not sure if that was related to my switch, or a problem with the current version of the software.

I like the “quest” mode included with this version, it gives you prompts and limitations and you can progress at your own pace through it.

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Yup, this definitely goes on my "to buy" list as well. Art Academy on the Wii U just doesn't cut it anymore...

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