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Hey everyone! It's my first time here. I have a quick question. Mario Odyssey is on sale in the South Korean eShop for just $40 but I can't seem to switch my account region there since they require a Korean phone number to do so. Does anyone know a workaround?

I just got a switch, currently playing Zelda BoTW, also bought Luigi's Mansion 3 (for Halloween) and Mario + Rabbids. I'm just buying the games that I'll eventually play so Odyssey isn't really a must have right now. Can we except a sale on Nintendo Games soon like black Friday?

Off topic: I'm still on the Switch honeymoon phase and everyday that I play this game on handheld mode and play BoTW, I'm still shocked that it can power that game. What a revolutionary machine.



If anyone knows a good guide, and can share a link with @Cheese9Man, please share.

@Cheese9Man I can hit on some important points, to help with your confusion, but you'll want to find a guide.

Changing the region setting in Switch console settings has no effect on eshop region. (It took me a while to figure this out when I first got my Switch.) Eshop region is dictated by your region setting on your nintendo account on nintendo's website; This is the only place you can change/set eshop regions. However, there are some caveats to changing eshop region.

  • You will loose any unspent money on eshop, if you change eshop region. There's no way to get it back.
  • Eshops only accept the currency of their region. Example: Japan eshop only accepts Yen. People usually have to purchase prepaid cards for money of the country they want to buy from.

Nintendolife and others have guides for buying from other eshop regions. Be sure to look them over to avoid issues. While nintendo support has directions for most everything, I'm not sure they directions for buying from other regions (even though the Switch is a region-free console)

Some people make a second nintendo account to purchase from another region. Caveat there is, game ownership is tied to the email/nintendo account that purchased the game. If you ever transfer to another Switch console, you'll need to use the account that bought the game to redownload the game onto the console.

  • You will need a different email address to create another nintendo account. Nintendo only allows one nintendo account per email address.

So, you see here, there's a bit of a hassle buying from another region. I don't remember all the details, caveats, precautions, so you'll need to find a guide. Also, some youtubers have video guides for buying from another eshop region. So you can search there too for a how-to guide.

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Create two NIN accounts with different email and use the second to do eShop and change Regions if you get foreign games with DLC and use that to download and use with your other main account. That's worked out for me so far.



Another caveat to creating a second regional account: depending on your credit card and which region you are using, you may not be able to use that card on that shop.

For example, my US credit card doesn't work on the the Japanese eShop. The most common work-around is to purchase eShop credit from a third party for that region (at a small premium).

(Curiously, I can use this same card to load funds to that NNID via a JP 3DS. So if you happen to have a Korean 3DS lying around...)


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@fragranthills I think so do but you have to do a first confirmation so they know? For some they require this the first time. Otherwise use PayPal to connect to your Bank and that also works. But if it doesn't work they need to contact their financial bank and talk to them about this.



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