Topic: Can We Get A New Custom Robo Title Please

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It's been over 10 years since we've gotten a new custom robot game. I would love to see it on the switch or Wii U.



Pick up LBX for the 3DS. Its got a very Custom Robo feel to it. Anime inspired visuals with a very Pokemon-esque story. Tons of robot parts and weapons to customize to your heart's content, and leveling out the wazoo. Your characters level up independently from the parts your little robot uses, and that's separate from the level of your weapon-type. Character levels dictate how many fights you can participate in before performing maintenance on your 'bot, and internal slots for batteries, engines, cpu, etc. Parts level dictates the LP (essentially HP) of your robo, and weapon-type level-ups unlock special moves you can perform in battles.

LBX is a really great game that I wasn't expecting much out of, yet put in about 40 hours. Considering I found a new copy for $11 this game is a true diamond in the rough.

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