Topic: Can I use my Switch SD Card on other devices?

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since I'm currently buying new equipment for recording music and video I wonder: Can I use the same SD card I use in my Switch for my Audio Recorder and Camera(e.g. to store music) or will my Switch reject the SD Card if it contains Non-Game Data?

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@chipia The Switch system isn't designed to share micro sd cards between with non-switch devices. If you put your audio recorder micro sd card in the Switch, it won't work, and will need to be formatted to work in the Switch, and formatting completely wipes your card. Also, the Switch system doesn't allow you to play media you put on the sd card. You'll find the Nintendo support website seems to purposely avoid the topic of putting media on your Switch console. (I haven't tried it myself, but I think if you put media on your switch sd card, Nintendo may have dummy proofed things, and the card may still work fine in your switch, but you won't be able to access the media you put on it. That's just a guess, though.)

If you upgrade to a bigger micro sd card, and want to use your old switch micro sd card
in another device, you'll need to reformat that card for the new device, which deletes everything off your card.

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@chipia You can use the same cards but the Switch will probably format the card. I remember this happening when I transfered memory cards between Switches. Definitely back up your data first.

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Just buy a second SD card.

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Ok, thanks for your help. I will get a new SD card then.


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