Topic: Buying 3D All-Stars just for Mario Galaxy?

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First, I wanna say that I have all the Nintendo portable consoles from the gameboy and now I'm a new Switch owner. The Switch is my first ever non-handheld Nintendo Console (Sticked with Playstation since PS1) so I have no prior experience with any 3D Mario game except for Mario 3D land on the 3DS (which I loved).

Mario 3D All-Stars is still widely available in my country as physical media. Again I have no nostalgia for all of these games and when I had PS3, I always wanted to play the Mario Galaxy games. My question now is it worth to get the 3D All-Stars just for one game? In my country pre-owned is $40 and a brand new one is $60. I'm afraid that without nostalgia, I won't enjoy Mario 64 or even sunshine? Thanks in advance for the replies!



It still worthy even just only to play one game from trilogy collection.
I bought 3D All Stars just to secure Mario Sunshine since I have never played before (and the FLUDD control was a mess in my opinion after tried Mario Sunshine if I compared with Ratchet & Clank weapon aiming) and I already finished my Super Mario Galaxy Wii version.

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@Cheese9Man If you liked Mario 3D Land, I think you'll Mario Galaxy.

If you liked Mario 3D Land, you'll probably like Mario 3D World. 3D World is a totally different game. (I like Galaxy better than 3D World, though.)

Mario Odyssey is amazing, by the way. This is my all time favorite 3D Mario game. I didn't even want a 3D Mario game when it came out, but I tried it since reviews & hype were so positive.

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@Cheese9Man : I don't think you need nostalgia to be able to enjoy Sunshine and Galaxy as they're both still fantastic in their own right and look even better in HD.

Super Mario 64 on the other hand hasn't aged well at all, I feel, and I wish that they had somehow ported the DS remake instead.

Sunshine and Galaxy are absolutely worth grabbing the collection for, especially if these games are new to you. I would also strongly recommend the use of a stylus if playing Galaxy in handheld mode.

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No nostalgia is required to enjoy Super Mario Galaxy. It's one of the greatest games of all time and an absolute must-play for anyone who is remotely into video games.

Ditto all of the above for Super Mario 64.

If you've never played either of those games then a used copy of 3D All-Stars will be the best $40 you've spent in your life. Do it!

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If you have a DS or 3DS I would get the DS remake of Super Mario 64. You said you own every Nintendo handheld since the Gameboy I am kinda surprised you haven't played that yet. @Cheese9Man

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@Cheese9Man Super Mario Galaxy is a fantastic game, so yes, I highly recommend it. It's the best game on 3D All-Stars, IMO. The other games are well worth checking out too, though.

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@Cheese9Man Look, I'm as critical about Mario 64 as anyone on this site, but if you've never played 64 or Sunshine, they're absolutely worth giving a try. The former is one of the most legendary games ever made, and the latter, IMO, stands up with or without nostalgia. In fact, of the three games, the only one I played near release was Galaxy!

And yes, Galaxy is a masterpiece and deserves to be experienced.

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