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I am trying to buy blasphemous on switch, but there is no option to buy it, there is just the info on the game buy no buy/download option.

Any one having the same problem? Or my switch just turn out to be strictly religious?



According to the Nintendo website the game doesn't release til tomorrow, September 10.

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Mexico has same time zones as the US, new games don't typically drop until around 10-11am Pacific time. Sometimes later. That's what I've seen, anyway.

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Seems logical, thanks really. Maybe I am just to seeing the pre-order option. Not seeing one I got kind of scared I couldn't buy it.




When i saw the thread title, i thought this would be about some sort of Switch console born from the Necronomicon.

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Waiting for Physical release.



I just finished the game (took me around 20h). It's a really fine Metroidvania! The word building is great and the pixel art is superb! I didn't like the music that much though. And despite its reputation about having difficult combat, I found the platforming the most frustrating. Any other opinions about this game? Has someone played the DLC yet?



@dionysos283 I reached the final boss and I lost my save because I was testing something and reset my Switch. The lore and the art are superb. I did not like the difficulty but still managed to get it to the final boss.
I loved every bit of info in the different bones of martyrs that I had to collect.

And ofc I got the Limited Run physical release


With the physical release of the deluxe version around the corner I finally took the time to fire up my LRG copy of the game. I was curious to see if it was possibly worth spending the money just to swap to the more up to date cartridge. Gameplay wise, initial impressions aren't great; I'm not used to action/platformers being this challenging from the get go. But the pixel art and voice work are superb.

I probably won't drop the extra $40 just to swap cartridges.

I don't see myself replaying the game once I get through it.

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lol...mine still sealed got way to many backlogs to catch on. I did get the LRG CE version.



I'm currently at 12% in this game. It's got great late medieval/early modern atmosphere with this distinct Catholic vibe of pain and suffering.
Sometimes I think the developers wanted to make the players suffer to feel more like the Penitent. I see the EXEMPLARIS EXCOMMUNICATIONIS screen rather often, usually at a sizeable distance from the last Prie Dieu. ūü§£

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@ophone i love the idea of games being made to make people feel, instead of telling them how they should feel. Big reason why I've been digging Dark Souls lately. Got Blasphemous on sale not that long ago and I'm itching to start it.

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Blasphemous is the epitome of misery, at least among the games I played in my life.

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