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Just to let you know guys:

Giveaway #2 is coming around 10/11th January. We'll be giving away Planar Conquest, a very enjoyable hybrid of Civilization and HoMM. Look it up!

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@Woomy_NNYes Thanks for bringing this thread to my attention! Unfortunately all the NA codes appear to be used up already.
Which is fine as it's first come, first serve.

@BlackRoseProject Thank you! Very generous. I'll keep an eye out for the next giveaway! Planar Conquest looks more up my alley anyway.

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@ThanosReXXX Kickbacks, like, they'd give you a code even if all the others ones had gotten used up before you could redeem one?

In case you're losing your touch with your criminal American side.

Someday we'll find it
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@rjejr Criminal side? Why, the audacity! I'll have you know that... ah, whatever...
But nah, no such perks. I was just the first who noticed this thread, and decided to drag in some of my familiars and regular discussion partners.

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I'm surprised there was an unused code still left for me. Thank you!
I got C07VDXKB4R11LR1N.

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Found my way here from the the second giveaway for Planar Conquest, can't believe the third EU code for Technosphere was still available!

I'll give a try to the game and then join the discussion in the proper thread, thanks for this code too!

(Also, I tried all the codes from 9 to 3, so I think all EU codes have been used up now).

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Oh I missed this. All EU codes are used.


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