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Based on how the votes are going, the finals will almost certainly be Celeste vs. SteamWorld Heist, but I’ll keep the votes open for a few hours just in case. 😉

@Krull Yeah, while posting the Wikipedia pages, some seem very interesting and I like some of the art styles.

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BREAKING NEWS: Celeste has somehow been eliminated. This is going to be a close final!

SteamWorld Heist vs. Hollow Knight
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Hollow Knight managed to beat out fan favourites like Untitled Goose Game and Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove, but can it take down SteamWorld Heist, which beat one of the best Switch games ever, Celeste?

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I am just going to put this out there right now but all of the games in the top 4 and a whole bunch of the others ones are really legendary games. You can tell these small teams put tons of effort and love into them that it is hard not to appreciate them. I'm glad on this site we can appreciate these hidden gems that don't get as much mainstream attention.

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I am mind blown by these results... there is a complete 3-3 tie. I will need to consult Master Yoda on this....

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So I tallied up the grand total votes for the two games in all rounds, and winning 25-23... STEAMWORLD HEIST IS THE WINNER!!!

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Shock and awe for Steamwold Heist being the winner.

But any answer that isn't Axiom Verge is wrong in my eyes, so whatever.

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SteamWorld Heist is a fantastic game, and everybody should play it. It’s the Worms RPG we never knew we needed.

Hollow Knight would still get my vote, though. Axiom Verge is only the second best Metroidvania on Switch, IMO. But that is not faint praise - there are literally more Metroidvanias than I have time to play on the eShop - it’s amazing. And I still haven’t gotten around to Iconoclasts. Or Gato Roboto. Or La Mulana.

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