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Hi to everybody! I made this topic because I'm curious. Do you guys have any ideas on what the new song, that might have something to do with the moon... I actually loved how they remade "fly me to the moon" and "moon river", two great songs and great remakes. But what "moon" song can we expect for the third chapter?

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"Bad Moon rising" or "Blue Moon" are two I'd go for. Incidentally, both are in "An American Werewolf In London"



zitpig wrote:

"Bad Moon rising" or "Blue Moon"

Those were the ones that immediately sprung to my mind as well.

"Dancing in the moonlight" or "Moonshadow" might also be potential candidates.

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Moon dance, of course. But why didn't you ask this question in the bayo thread that already exists?



My guess is Moonlight Shadow.


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I came here to say you're all wrong. It'll probably be Moonglow (Doris Day), but I hope they made the more interesting choice of Moonray (Dakota Staton).

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