Topic: Animal Crossing NX possibly a thing? (Or even launch title?)

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I have a good feeling about the NX especially when they said they are going to avoid the Wii U tragedy (the one I'm talking about is lack of launch titles).

So we got animal crossing cash grab festival but what if there is actually a proper Animal Crossing bring developed at the same time as well?

I feel like Nintendo made scam festival just to try to fill the void of the Wii U library but they didn't want to release a proper animal crossing on it due to the low sales it will most likely garner. The assets are all there, the characters, the props, music and everything.

Now, I wouldn't put it pass Nintendo to make that awful game and have no HD animal crossing in the works as shown with their recent history of decisions the most horrible decisions but if you think about it really carefully, why would they release more Animal Crossing amiibos for more characters when the game probably flopped bigger than a Magikarp? That is unless they have the assets already created and that it would make double profit if they used scam festival to gain more.

This is also what got me especially thinking

Note that last paragraph

As for Animal Crossing, Kimishima said the company seeks to offer a connection between the smart device application and the world of Animal Crossing on dedicated video game systems. This will make it even more fun to "play in both ways, while offering a new style of play for smart devices.

Hmm, so a way to connect between smart phone and dedicated consoles to enhance experience... I don't see New Leaf is going to get a dlc or update anytime soon, I don't think Home designer will have anything more either. It will also be weird to have an AC game on a mobile device AND a portable device since then it could easily render one or the other useless or not needed. it will definitely not support the trash that is Amiibo Festival since that game is a board game and. I don't see any way to enhance it further.

This leaves Animal Crossing NX. Play the game on NX, you got to go work or hang out? Don't worry! Animal Crossing mobile can probably link up to your NX file and share the content (and for those without NX, the mobile AC game will have enough content to make it solid by itself as well). Go collect money, items, meet friends etc and go home to transfer all these data to the NX to further enhance the experience!

So what do you guys think? Plausible or just Mumbo jumbo?

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I just hope there is a full Animal Crossing coming to the NX. Not having one on WiiU has been the biggest let down for me. I absolutely love the WiiU make believe video and secretly hope some of that could sneak in to an NX game. Please Nintendo, don't just update New Leaf for the smart-phone version of AC but bring us an all new, full and glorious HD AC game!

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I'd play it if the civic upgrades actually did something...i.e. like a Sim-city type hybrid.

I was most disappointed with the game for the structures I was building being for show only and having no impact on the game. For me it would make it worth turnip trading if I could at least buy something that actually did something meaningful in terms of helping my town grow.

Also, quite a disappointment to me was not being able to donate wild-life to other peoples' museums. I built up a huge huge stock of rare creatures so that I could gift and trade them to and with people and when it came to me actually making contact with other dice. I'm not hugely disappointed as I really enjoyed my time building that stock (in anticipation of giving it away to people) but it would have been nice to have stocked out my "casual gamer" contact with rare animals.

Also, when he starts slipping over it's just not fun...really, it's just super super frustrating and made me not want to play (I mean seriously, are you that sadistic wan't to generate that kind of frustration in the world) ??

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New Leaf getting Amiibo support later this year?

I want my characters to be able to ride bicycles or scooters through the town. Add elevation, hills etc.

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