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I'm very new to the forums and don't know if a moderator will see this or not, but if they do, here is my message:

I have Super Mario Odyssey, and I think it's a great game. (9/10)
Tons of people think it is short, and I somewhat agree with them- but not entirely.
If the people at Nintendo released something like a SMO2 or even an expansion for SMO (Super Mario Odyssey,) it would be great.

What would be in the expansion (or other game... but I'd go with an expansion?) Maybe a leap into the past.
Including More Space Levels, possibly one being Rosalina's starship, with the currency being star-bit shaped, and lumas to do missions with. AND, if you look on the map, (select wooded kingdom, and look to the far right-hand side of the switch console, between the middle and the bottom, [or for a different view, select cloud kingdom and look under the Snow Kingdom,]) you see Isle Delfino. The place of Super Mario Sunshine. The currency for there could be coconut shaped, and we could have moons (or Shine Sprites) in places where they actually went back in 2002. We could visit places such as Noki Bay, and instead of Piantas giving missions, Nokis could too.

Those are just my thoughts, and a lot more could be added too.
Also! Both areas would be unlocked after defeating Bowser in the Wedding Hall for the first time.



That would be quite neat, but I doubt they’ll be doing any additions. I just feel like they would have announced it before launch like they did with Zelda, if they were going to do it at all. Fun ideas though!



Nintendo has never done this for 3D Mario games of the past so I wouldn't be expecting it this time, especially considering the lack of any news about it.



Here is an expansion they could try.

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