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Lets assume here that the NX is a successor to the Wii U and has backwards compatibility. Would you be happy if instead of a new Mario Kart (MK9), Nintendo's main NX racer was F-Zero but Mario Kart 8 would keep being supported by DLC throughout the NX's lifespan. The kind of support I'd be thinking of is:

  • Proper battle mode added in a free update (shine runners and bob-omb blast would be added as well as the 8 current racetracks for battle mode replaced by 8 battle arenas though of course you could still play the racetracks in all modes except battle)
  • All amiibo racing suits purchasable from the eshop as an alternative to buying amiibo
  • New DLC tracks, characters, vehicles, tyres and gliders added every 3 months in packs like the current two.
  • Separate DLC packs which contain battle arenas

This would mean that Mario Kart would still be present but not become a saturated franchise like CoD and Assassin's Creed.


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I'd much prefer a Mario Kart 9 and Mario Kart 8 being supported by DLC, or maybe even a Nintendo Kart.

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I'd be fine with that, but Mario Kart is a game that sells 5 million games to 10 million Wii U owners, so I don't think Nintendo would be fine with that.

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Why not just get both Mario Kart 9 and F-Zero? Mario Kart doesn't get yearly releases like COD and AC so there's no huge saturation either.


I'd much rather prefer Mario Kart 9 for the NX but I would like to see DLC for Mario Kart 8 every three months like you mentioned. It would be smart on Nintendo's part.

Nintendo Kart would be cool but the last thing I'd want to see is for it to replace Mario Kart. The Mario Kart series has been ongoing ever since the SNES days and for it to suddenly be replaced by Nintendo Kart is just weird. Maybe if NK was its own separate game.

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It's unknown if the NX will be backwards compatible (I think it will be but I'm not always right), even if the NX is backwards compatible with Wii U, most NX owners probably won't actually use the BC feature.


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I hope not, I'd rather see the game evolve and improve in the next gen rather than more of the same but regardless I'd like to see F-Zero return too.

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If they were to do this, then it wouldn't take advantage of the NX's new features. An alternative would depend on if the NX was digital only. That way, if you were to do a system transfer, and you had the digital version, you could upgrade the game to the new system for a price. I'm not sure how it could work with physical copies without people exploiting it, though.

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Grumblevolcano wrote:

Lets assume here that the NX is a successor to the Wii U and has backwards compatibility

Both are pretty big assumptions

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As SuperWiiU said, why not both? The next Mario Kart on home console(whether it's NX or whatever) should expand on the DLC idea and quite a few packs. It would be cool to see MK as a launch title(considering how much MK sells, no matter the platform) and get continued DLC support a couple years into Nintendo's 9th generation console.

The Nintendo Kart idea isn't too shabby either. That would open up for even more DLC ideas too. Though they could still keep the Mario Kart name since that's such a popular brand now.

I really don't think MK is even close to the saturation levels of Assassin's Creed or CoD. We only get one Mario Kart per platform while we get an Assassin's Creed and Call of Duty per year. And in last year's case, we got two AC games.

As for F-Zero, I'm sure Nintendo still has interest in a new F-Zero title but considering each F-Zero title sold less and less, I don't blame them for putting the series on the backburner so to speak. With all the F-Zero demand on the internet anyway, I hope people put their money where their mouths are and actually buy the next F-Zero title whether it be a HD remake or brand new title..


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