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Okay, complicated question. I've got the audio set to "auto," sending it to my receiver thru HDMI.

No matter what game I'm playing, it comes thru as a 5.1 signal in my receiver. I know that a lot of my cheap, indy games are not in full surround, but I don't know which is which. Is there a way to get the Switch to output only the audio source of the game, meaning stereo games output only in stereo and surround outputs only in surround?



@bad1978 I believe the answer is no. I'm assuming you saw the audio options in Switch System Settings/TV Sound: auto, surround, stereo, mono.

If a stereo-only game sounds too surround-like coming out of your sound system, then thats an issue with your sound system(or it's sound mode setting).

I don't know if that helps?

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That's what I figured. I was hoping I missed something. Thanks!


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