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I think it's pretty obvious what's the idea behind these mobile releases. Nintendo themselves have pointed it out.

Do you remember the 3DS sales of july? The sales of Pokémon games and merchandise?

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Some people are saying that Nintendo is doomed, because they're making games on mobile lol.
I'm really hoping that in Super Mario Run we have more playable characters than Mario. It'd be cool to also get to play as characters like Luigi, Peach, Toad, etc. Sonic Runners had a good amount of playable characters, and that was one of my favorite parts. Also, Peach has never been playable in a NSMB-style game, so I'd like to see how it would look.

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i hope it doesn't take forever to come to android.


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....They're gonna pull an eShop and wait till tonight aren't they?

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The game launched, it's not midnight, yayz!

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I'M SUPER EXCITED ✊😁 It looks super fun and challenging, totally AWESOME 🤘. Leave your Player ID for exchanges with other players to double the fun 😊
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Kinda unfair that there are My Nintendo Reward Points for Mario Run while it isn't out on Android

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DefHalan wrote:

Kinda unfair that there are My Nintendo Reward Points for Mario Run while it isn't out on Android

My Nintendo is a parade of unfairness.

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@bezerker99 As soon as you link your Nintendo ID you can redeem toad and he is playable and later you can unlock Toadette, Luigi, Yoshi and Peach.


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Well, it's a fun game, and things like those coins and Toad Rally will keep people playing for a while.

However, two issues:

1. The intro here feels really, really long. Like, did they really have to make you download the rest of the game after the tutorial level? Seems excessive to me.

2. The main story is super short and easy. Like, can easily beat in well under an hour level easy.

But hey, it's a fun game for the most part.

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I had a go of it. It's alright but it's not really my thing. You just lose way too much control for it to be enjoyable. But as an advertisement for Mario? It does its job.

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Super Mario Run’s Strong Debut Clouded by Revenue Lag

......."The game was at the top of download rankings in 68 countries, but was the highest grossing game in only 14, according to researcher SensorTower. Nintendo shares closed 4.2 percent lower in Tokyo, wiping out about $1.5 billion in market value. Partner DeNA Co., which helped develop the title, fell 6.8 percent.".......


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It's a good low input game that gives you a smile, but it won't replace a Mario console or even a handheld game in terms of depth- so Nintendo have succeeded in putting it at exactly the right level of where it needs to be.

And I think it being a strong success but not a runaway cash grabber is a good thing, as it reminds people of the scarlet plumber but keeps Ninty's attention firmly on the Switch.

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